Horizon Forbidden West Contributes to a Strong Start in 2022 Releases

Horizon Forbidden West Contributes to a Strong Start in 2022 Releases

Horizon Forbidden West Contributes to a Strong Start in 2022 Releases

While the game industry constantly examines rumours and leaks, it is not aware of any. Horizon Forbidden WestOne of the largest events of the past month was that the delay would continue into 2022. Horizon Forbidden Westat looked at one time like it would be Sony’s big holiday 2021 title, but Guerrilla Games confirmed that leak at Gamescom 2021. the horizon Zero DawnThe sequel will not be released until 2021. It is a shame that the game requires more time, especially when Guerrilla expressed optimism that it would be released in 2021, despite some delays. Fans will have to wait as it seems unlikely that the game can go gold this year.


Horizon Forbidden West’s delay in releasing the game is not all bad. While Sony may miss the holiday 2021 release of the game, the rest of the industry will be fine. Other games, such as Halo Infinite, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, will be released by the end of this year. They’ll keep gamers entertained until 2022. Horizon Forbidden West may not be part of 2021’s final wave of games, but it is a key component of the 2022 game release schedule. Horizon Forbidden West leads the charge for new games in a year that should be free from 2020 and 2021’s development problems.

Horizon Forbidden West has Good Company in 2022

horizon forbidden west state of play bridge screenshot

There will be many great games even in the first month of 2022.Horizon Forbidden WestSide by the side.FromSoftware fans, for example, have long longed to own the book. Elden RingFor years, largely due to FromSoftware’s unshakeable long-term silence about the game. It is now, however, a success. Elden Ring was discovered in hiding in 2021Fans now know that they will be able to play the RPG in January 2022. Nintendo also has a major game planned for January 2022. This game is pokemon Legends: Arceus, A completely new approach to the pokemon this series promises to deliver impressive levels of open-world exploration, as well as free-form Pokemon interaction.


Horizon Forbidden West will not be released until February 2022. However, many other important games will release in that month. Gamescom 2021 featured a major announcement by Volition and Deep Silver, a Saints Row reboot. Volition clearly has a fresh vision for the Saints Row franchise. This franchise hasn’t had any new games in many years. Amazingly, fans will be able to see Volition’s vision within a matter of months. Sifu isan indie fighting game that Sony seems very fond of, judging by its frequent promotion. Horizon Forbidden West joins an expanding early 2022 gaming community.

Horizon Forbidden West’s 2022 Release Will Benefit


These games are all good news for the industry. Everyone knows that COVID-19 has been a major factor in the constant setbacks experienced by game developers worldwide, both in 2020 and 2021. There is more hope that 2022 will see a normal year for the game industry as it adjusts to the impact of the pandemic and gets back on track. Horizon Forbidden West’s delay is a sign of the pandemic’s effect. Still, Horizon Forbidden West can also be invaluable in getting a new year off on a positive note, inspiring hope for exciting releases, and a sense of normality.


Although the Horizon Forbidden West delay in confirming it is an inconvenience, many good things about it are. Horizon Forbidden West is a stronger and more polished game due to the extra development time Guerrilla Games has. However, it’s still good to have a firm release date, even though it may be later than fans expected. Horizon Forbidden West will likely set the tone for the 2022 games. Fans and developers alike will be encouraged if the sequel proves to be solid. Despite all the challenges that studios large and small have encountered, there is still hope for games such as Horizon Forbidden West which will change the face of the industry.

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