Every World Premiere Announced at Gamescom ONL Pre-Show 2021

Every World Premiere Announced at Gamescom ONL Pre-Show 2021

Every World Premiere Announced at Gamescom ONL Pre-Show 2021

Every World Premiere Announced at Gamescom ONL Pre-Show 2021

Gamescom2021 is finally here, and it brings with it a lot of important announcements. As with most recent events, GamescomThis year’s event was entirely digital, with Geoff Keighley hosting a live stream and Kyle Bosman hosting a pre-show. There were many big announcements on the opening night live stream for gamers, including various titles developed by one person. A variety of announcements and details were made about the games that gamers had been waiting for, including a new title. Saints RowTake a look at InfiniteIt was also home to many world premieres, which fans had never heard of.

The show reveals really began during the pre-show. Seven world premieres were shown before Gamescom even started. Pre-show trailers were quickly delivered, with few interludes or funny moments between them. The trailers included new entries in a huge series of fighting games, an exclusive look at the highly anticipated Soulslike and some completely new indie titles across multiple categories. The pre-show and Gamescom Opening Night Live announcements also come after Xbox’s showcase revealed a dozen new titles coming to Xbox Game Pass on day one.

   King of Fighters 15

The pre-show began with King of Fighters 15. This was a high-octane fight action. The latest entry in the series will feature 3v3 battles that allow players the opportunity to team up with their favourite King of Fighters characters. This includes all 39 characters from the series. King of Fighters 15 had already revealed some characters before, but this trailer was the first look that players have gotten at the game’s new faster style of gameplay.

   Nine to Five

King of Fighters 15 was followed by the unveiling of Nine to Five at Gamescom 20,21. This new tactical shooter, which featured a trailer filled with office workers flavour, was shown off. Three teams of three will be competing against each other on close-quarters maps, with a wide range of weapons available. Nine to Five is free to download and play. It has a unique structure that breaks down matches into shifts, which impact each other based on how players perform. Matches last just 15 minutes, making them easy to fit into any gamer’s busy schedule. The game promises to have progression systems that reward players without requiring them to play for hundreds of hours.

   Bus Simulator 21

Although the release date for Bus Simulator 21 was announced in May, it will be September 7. The trailer from Gamescom’s preshow allowed fans to see gameplay that included more than a Mercedes Benz bus. Bus Simulator is basically what you would expect. Players must run bus routes that fit their schedules and provide safe rides for passengers. You can also customize your bus, as the trailer from the preshow shows a Gamescom Opening night Live-branded bus.

   House of Ashes

A new view was also shown at Gamescom’s pre-show of House of Ashes, the latest entry in Dark Pictures Anthology. The game is set in the Middle East and follows the story of a frightening creature that blurs distinctions between predators and humans. House of Ashes also pulls extensively from Pazuzu lore to provide a deep and fleshed-out story filled with real-world mythology. Players have a wide range of options to impact the story. This can have huge consequences, so players will likely want to replay the story several times.


Also, the Gamescom ONL preshow gave gamers a chance to see Dolmen from Koch Media. This new science-fiction-themed Soulslike was also shown. Dolmen is a Dark Souls-inspired game, and the latest trailer gives fans a glimpse at what they might encounter throughout the game. The trailer featured creepy crawling enemies and a laser-welding foe, which looked like an antagonist to the title. The trailer showed Dolment‘s environment. These areas featured high-tech science fiction areas that were invading by organic growths reminiscent of Hans Ruedi Giger.

Every World Premiere Announced at Gamescom ONL Pre-Show 2021
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