Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends

Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends

Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends

Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends

Destiny 2The 15th season will bring many changes, from standard buffs and nerfs to new equipment new content for Destiny2‘s once-ignored PVP mode. Crossplay is one of the most exciting new features.

Destiny 2’s PC players can now play alongside console players and vice versa. Bungie will keep Destiny2‘s console and PC players apart to some degree for PVP, as some might argue that those with a keyboard and mouse have an advantage. It will not be a one-way system. Console players can exclude PC gamers from their games. However, PC players cannot prevent console players from joining their game pool.

Crossplay can be difficult for developers because so many games depend on platform account infrastructure. Bungie has found a solution, and Destiny 2 players can now find one another using the Bungie Name system.

Bungie Names and Friend Requests

Each player will receive a Bungie name, their current display title with four numbers at the end. Although the system will filter offensive names out, Destiny 2 players can modify their Bungie Name through Bungie’s website. A player can search for their current Bungie name in the “Director” under the “Roster” tab.

Players can synch to using their email address or platform accounts, such as a Steam or PS Plus account. This will make it easier. After everyone has synced their accounts, they will be able to add friends from other platforms. There are three options.

First, take advantage of destiny 2‘s cross-saves and free-to-play status. To send a friend request, players can log in to their account on the platform of their friend. The friend status will remain even if the player jumps onto another platform. Bungie has a few other options.

Bungie ensured that invites went through their internal systems and not through individual platforms messaging systems like steam messages. This eliminates the need to open another program. The invite screen now has a player search bar that will display all players on all platforms. Bungie also offers a friend-finder on their website, as well as Destiny 2’s official companion application. This works similarly.

Destiny 2 Crossplay: How to Add Friends
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