Hogwarts Legacy's Wands Have Huge Potential

Hogwarts Legacy’s Wands Have Huge Potential

Hogwarts Legacy's Wands Have Huge Potential

Hogwarts Legacy’s Wands Have Huge Potential

Although wands are not as important in the Harry Potter universe as Hogwarts Houses, they still give students part of their identity. Since Harry Potter‘s inception, wands have been an integral part of the game. On the interactive website Pottermore, players can take a quiz to have a wand of various combinations assigned to them. At the Wizarding World theme parks, players can also attend a show at Ollivander’s. In this skit, a costumed employee selects a person and assigns them a wand.


This is how wands are in Hogwarts LegacyThis could be huge for avid gamers. Harry PotterFans are eager to see what their future looks like. The trailer shows a student receiving a wand. This implies that all students will have similar experiences. However, some players believe that wands can play more than the initial assignment. There is no way to know. Wizarding WorldToo little detail for the eager hairy PotterFans

How Wands can be a gameplay mechanic in Hogwarts Legacy


It would be interesting to see wands impact gameplay the same way weapons do in many RPGs. Wands can be used to kill or maim other witches and wizards in this universe. Although it would not make sense for players to add mods on a wand just like they would a gun to their arsenal, many skills and levels of abilities can be gained.


Each property of a Wand can change its power in subtle, unique ways. It can also be tailored to certain characteristics of wizards. Alder wood, for example, is usually assigned to students who are confident and adventurous in their decision-making skills. Applewood is not compatible with the Dark Arts. Holly is suited to people who are compassionate and would make great leaders. Willow is often assigned for those who are more anxious. As for wand cores, there are several fewer types than woods, and Ollivander typically makes his wands with the three cores: unicorn hair, which also doesn’t mesh well with Dark Arts magic, dragon heartstring, which is the easiest to turn to evil magic, and phoenix feather, which are the pickiest in the wizards they choose. But Hogwarts legacy will be available before Garrick Ollivander, which could mean that other wands cores may be available.


Skills trees could help wand characteristics translate into useful skills. Some wand types may learn certain traits naturally, much as races do in fantasy RPGs such as Skyrim. Wood Elves, for example, start their Archery skill tree at 25 instead of the base level 15. The Khajiit also have a natural boost in Sneak. While many players would be disappointed if they were locked out of certain abilities or skills based on wand type, this would allow them to play still any character they wish. If a student is given a wand with unicorn hair, they can still use dark magic to work towards that goal.


Kratos’ Leviathan Axe, released in 2018’s God of War, could also be a great blueprint for levelling up a wand to use as a weapon or a tool. Players will gain skills as they level up the axe. This could help them unlock new spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Some of these skills are stronger with higher levels. The Hunter Killer ability, for example, increases the maximum number of targets that can be hit with each level. It’s easy to see how it could be translated to spells such as Accio and its range, Expecto Patronum, and the number of dementors it can reach.

Hogwarts Legacy’s Wands Have Huge Potential
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