Psychonauts 2: Hollis' Classroom Emotional Baggage Locations

Psychonauts 2: Hollis’ Classroom Emotional Baggage Locations

Psychonauts 2: Hollis' Classroom Emotional Baggage Locations

Psychonauts 2: Hollis’ Classroom Emotional Baggage Locations

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  • The Steamer Trunk
  • The Hat Bag

There are many collectables all over the place. Psychonauts 2Campaign, the game’s many pieces of Emotional baggage, are among the most difficult to find. Players must locate the bag and the tag. This collectable appears in all of the game’s mind-based levels. Hollis’ ClassroomThis is one of the shortest missions that players can undertake during their time on the game.Psychonauts 2’sCampaign


Although there are just two bags and two tags this time around, players can still miss a few things while trying to alter Hollis’ hospital-based mind palace. For those who need a little help finding every piece of Emotional Baggage, here’s where Forsythe keeps them.

The Steamer Trunk, the first piece Emotional Baggage that players will discover during their first stint in Hollis’ mind, is located in the very first part of the mission. Players will find themselves in Hollis’s classroom when they first enter the level. Forsythe is teaching Raz and his interns how to use Mental Connection. They’ll find the Steamer Trunk tag at the desk on their right if they go to Hollis’ central platform.


The bag will be available to them slightly later in the mission. After Hollis leaves the classroom, players can use Mental Connection to leave the room and get into an ambulance. After a brief cutscene, the players will be released from the vehicle and arrive in front of Forsythe’s old hospital.


Follow the Mental Connection strands to the roof. To find the Steamer Trunk, look to the left side of the roof.


The Hat Box is the second piece of emotional baggage to be recovered. Fortunately, it is not too far from the Steamer Trunk. Much like before, head to the hospital entrance’s roof using Mental Connection but instead of heading left, look to the right. You will find the Hat Box tag atop some vents.


The bag is hidden in plain sight. It can be found by players heading to the right side of the parking area. The bag will be parked in the corner near some trash cans. You can give it the tag, and each bag will be counted.


This is only the beginning of Raz’s journey to Hollis’ mind. He’ll return later in game to discover that the world and Hollis have been greatly altered. The next level, Hollis’ Hot Streak, is the one that the teacher assigns to players. It requires them to find three more pieces of Emotional baggage, additional Nuggets of Wisdom and Half-A-Minds, and additional Memory Vaults.

Psychonauts 2: Hollis’ Classroom Emotional Baggage Locations
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