Destiny 2 Already Nerfing New Exotic in PvP

Destiny 2 Already Nerfing New Exotic in PvP

Destiny 2 Already Nerfing New Exotic in PvP

Destiny 2 Already Nerfing New Exotic in PvP

Season of the Lost is just a few days old, but there are already some major developments within. Destiny 2. Savathun, Mara Sov, and Savathun are now openly working together to save Mara’s Teachers. This will help her get rid of the worm—the Witch Queen. The new gear has been available to players, and one of the most exotic exotics will soon be subject to a nerf in PvP.


Lorentz Driver is the season pass’ Exotic void linear fusion rifle and is one of two new exotics in Season of the Lost. Lagrangian Sight is the weapon’s intrinsic perk. If the player kills an enemy with the Driver, the driver drops a telemetry pattern that grants ability energy. Three enemies are not killed, and the driver receives bonus damage.



Bungie had to take action because the Lorentz Driver marking perk is being misused in Crucible. DMG, the community manager, confirmed the news on Twitter that the tracking perk will be removed from PvP. Although a hotfix has been announced, a date has yet to be set.

As Season of the Lost gets underway, many other issues will be arising. Another exotic issue Bungie will address is the unexpectedly large damage boost the hunter exotic Lucky Pants is providing hand cannons after its rework went live at the start of the season.


There are other issues Bungie is planning to deal with, including certain quests and activity trackers not progressing and Trials of the Nine weapons not dropping from the Prophecy dungeon for some players.


These problems are not new to Destiny 2. They usually appear after a new season is released to the public. This is not surprising either, as in-house testing cannot account for all the variables in a live-service game such as Destiny 2, which is as large and active as it is. It is now up to Bungie to respond quickly to these issues. Past seasons show that there will be a short turnaround time for hotfix patches.

Destiny 2 Already Nerfing New Exotic in PvP
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