The first half of Owl House season 2 hits Disney Plus with the show’s future in question

The Disney Plus has the first 10 episodes from The Owl House’s second season. The animated fantasy series, created by Gravity Fall alumni, Dana Terrace, aired its first 10 episodes on Disney Channel in the early 2020s. New episodes will also air on the channel. The show has been approved for a third season. However, the final season won’t be complete. But streaming could rekindle the interest and give the show a new life.

The Owl Housefollows Luz, a bright and misfit teenager who accidentally falls into a world of witches or demons. She is determined to learn magic and studies under the questionable guidance of Eda the Owl Lady (Wendie Malick). She lives in a magical talking home with King, a small but powerful demon. Luz meets several young witches along the way, including Amity Blight (Mae Whitman), an aloof and overachieving teenager. The first season revealed that Amity had a crush upon Luz in “Enchanting Grom Fright,” making her the first major LGBTQ character to appear in an animated Disney Channel series.


The Disney Channel is lagging behind other animation channels in LGBTQ representation, even though some live-action shows like Andi Mack have featured prominent queer stories. The Owl House broke down all barriers and made Luz’s and Amity’s romance the main romantic focus. Alex Hirsch, creator and voiceover of Gravity Falls, shared his thoughts on the difficulty in securing LGBTQ+ representation a few years back.

The Owl House’s new episode drops simultaneously as Mae Whitman (voice of Amity) coming out as a pansexual on social media.

“Being pansexual myself, I wish I had such incredible characters like Amity and Luz in my life when I was growing up,” Whitman tweeted on Aug. 16.

The fate of the show is uncertain. Terrace announced that the show would not receive a third season. Instead, the series will only be three episodes of 44 minutes and is currently scheduled to be the last season. In a recent Twitch stream, she said that it was “too late” to rally for a full third season — though depending on how much attention the show gets, it may get additional content. The show’s streaming availability will hopefully generate more interest.

All episodes of the Owl House – including all season 1 and half of season 2 – are now available on Disney Plus. It is still unknown when the second half will be released..

The first half of Owl House season 2 hits Disney Plus with the show’s future in question
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