Moon Knight: What We Know So Far

Moon Knight: What We Know So Far

Moon Knight: What We Know So Far

In 2022Moon KnightThe Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally welcome the white-clad hero. Although an exact release date is not known, there is plenty of Moon Knight information available, including casting comments and comic book history.

Moon Knight was first introduced to Marvel Comics in 1975, wherein he established himself as a skilled mercenary on the hunt for criminals and monsters. Since then, the character has developed a complex personality with a large cast of supporting characters.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige announced the upcoming Moon Knight series in 2019. However, creators attempted to bring Mr Knight A.K.A. Marc Spector has been on the big screen for more than a decade. Joe Carnahan, Grey and Smokin’ Aces director pitched a Taskmaster movie that would have featured Spector. But it wasn’t to be. Rumours had it that Moon Knight was heading to the same part of the MCU with Daredevil or The Punisher. But, Moon Knight has never started. The most interesting thing is that James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy’s and Suicide Squad’s creator, publicly admitted to having written a script for Moon Knight, but had to put it aside for other projects.

After several failed attempts, Jeremy Slater was hired as the showrunner for the upcoming Disney+ series. Slater was a screenwriter, executive producer and executive editor on a number of projects including The Exorcist TV Series and an episode of The Umbrella Academy. __S.13__ Although his views on these films were said to have been much better than the actual film, little or none of his work was preserved.

Three directors are attached to the series, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead, and Mohamed Diab. Moorhead and Benson are known for making powerful horror films. Their latest work is Synchronic, a time-travelling thriller. __S.18__ Their work is engaging, complex, and well-received both by critics as well as audiences. It’s interesting to see a pair of horror directors hired for the superhero action series. This will be their first venture into this genre. They will be creating something new and amazing with the source material, based on their past work.

Because of the unusual subject matter that Moon Knight requires, Benson and Moorhead make great choices. Marc Spector, the main character, suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder. He can have multiple personalities. This aspect of Spector’s life is interwoven with his relationship to Khonshu, the Egyptian god from whom he gets his powers. Over the years, writers have managed to balance between the genuine divine intervention and the hallucinations that his brain has suffered from. Moorhead and Benson specialize in stories that are free from reality and will undoubtedly add real emotion to the story.

Mohamed Diab is the third confirmed director for the series. He is a very different filmmaker. His work is mainly focused on real social issues in Egypt, his country. Cairo 678 was his directorial debut. The clash was released just before the revolution in Egypt. Clash captured the events from inside a police van. Although Diab may seem a strange choice to tackle the mythical superhero action, Moon Knight is deeply tied in with Egyptian mythology. A strong understanding of Egyptian cinema and culture is essential to the team.

Only a portion of the cast list has been revealed. Some actors are not listed with characters while others are without actors. Oscar Isaac, Star Wars and X-Men: Apocalypse stars will portray the eponymous hero. Isaac is an outstanding performer, ideal to portray the multifaceted role of Marc Spector and the many additional characters that will require. Isaac’s casting is both a great choice and a big draw to the series. He has recently become one of the most loved stars in Hollywood.

Moon Knight: What We Know So Far
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