The Story of Final Fantasy 13’s Fabula Nova Crystallis Trilogy Explained

The Story of Final Fantasy 13's Fabula Nova Crystallis Trilogy Explained

The Story of Final Fantasy 13’s Fabula Nova Crystallis Trilogy Explained

Final Fantasy 13Could be considered oddball in this series. However, Final Fantasy 7This entire compilation is available. Games, media and final Fantasy 10A direct sequel were provided by final Fantasy 102; Final Fantasy 13This is the only game in this series with a complete trilogy. NotablyFinal Fantasy 10-3It is something that was planned but never realized.

It could be because final Fantasy 13is a part of Fabula Nova CrystallisCollection, which includes its series and the type-0Games. It was originally included final Fantasy Versus 13Also, and it was also back before that. Final Fantasy 15. The story continues to grow and expand beyond the first game. There are minor gameplay changes. Here are the details of the connection between the three games. Fans should note that the article contains major gameplay changes—SPOILERSAll three Final Fantasy 13 games.

Final Fantasy 13

In the first game, several characters are brought together, including Final Fantasy 13’s Lightning and Snow and Fang, Vanille and Hope. They have the same vision of Ragnarok, which boils to the story about Orphan being killed and Cocoon falling into the below world, revealing the Maker. Fang and Vani become more and more involved in the story as Orphan is defeated.

Gaming involves traversing a linear map across the world from cutscene to cutting scene, combat to combat. The Active Time Battle system is similar to turn-based combat, but it’s more complex and much faster than the traditional turn-based combat. It’s very different from Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Final Fantasy 15. The Crystarium is used to upgrade characters. It’s similar to Final Fantasy10‘s grid, and each character connects with an Eidolon or summon.


Final Fantasy 13-2

To prevent a major collision between Cocoon & Pulse, we will become Ragnarok while the rest of their party reunites with their loved ones.

Final Fantasy 13-2 shows that everyone except Serah has forgotten Lightning. They are joined by Noel, a time-travelling Noel and set out to stop the time paradoxes, save Noel’s life, and save Lightning. They are entangled in a tale of time travel and prophecies. You and Sera have similar gifts. They risk being killed if the timeline is altered. Noel and Serah meet Lightning, after which they defeat Caius, who claims to be the one who killed Lightning. He also kills Etro in front of their eyes. Fang and Vanille are freed, and a new Cocoon named Bhunivelze replaces them. Serah dies from the changing timeline. Meanwhile, Lightning is trapped in a crystal stasis inside Etro’s temple.

Final Fantasy 13-2’s combat is nearly identical to the original game. However, there is a greater focus on Noel (and their monsters) in Final Fantasy 13-2. The enemies also appear randomly and not on the overworld as in the first game. The summons is not available to characters, but the Crystarium is largely unchanged with minor modifications to accommodate Final Fantasy 13. The differences between the two games are minimal to keep them totally separate.

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns

Final Fantasy 13: Lightning Returns lets players control Lightning and try to save the world from imminent destruction within 13 days. She also tries to bring her sister home. While she tries to ease the emotional burdens of her past allies, she also denies the will of Bhunivelze. It turns out that the god was training Lightning to become the new Etro. However, with the help of her friends, she defeats Bhunivelze. The Unseen Realm is left with Eidolons and Caius, versions of Yeul and Caius, while Lightning takes humanity to a more “true to life” world. This brings the whole journey to an end. Fabula Nova Crystallis could also be described as a series that casts mythology to create a new, safe world.

The gameplay and combat are essentially the same. However, this game introduces both a time limit and twists to the formula. While parts of the game were criticized, it still maintains its original style with minor changes, regardless of its popularity. This allows the games to feel the same, despite differences in tone and PCs. This was likely an intentional decision, and it helped to define the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy.

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