Resident Evil 3 Remake May Be Getting an Update

Resident Evil 3 Remake May Be Getting an Update

Resident Evil 3 Remake May Be Getting an Update

Capcom has not released anything for more than a full year resident Evil 3 RemakeInto the market. Since its launch, only played DLC is centred around aesthetics and weaponry; Capcom has not created single-player content. Recent developer activity on the Steam database has led to many changes.RE3 RemakeFans are probably already wondering if an update to the survival-horror game is on its way.


Resident Evil 3: Remake doesn’t offer new content, but the community has enough mods to keep its fans happy. Many people have created hilarious mods to make the game more exciting and fun. Other modifications are meant to enhance the visuals. One even replaced Jill Valentine, the main character of RE8, with Lady Dumitrescu. This is a unique gameplay experience, even though most players can’t control Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Players may have noticed on Steam’s Resident Evil 3 Remake database that the page was updated in the last few days. This is under the Branches table. According to Steam, these branches are used to store previous versions of Resident Evil 3 Remake and test new content or updates. This activity is also called “QA”, which could refer to quality assurance. This suggests that Capcom’s developers might be trying out something new. It isn’t clear if these are new content or just patch updates. Players may also notice that the most recent update contains “TU1”, possibly referring to the title update.

Fans are left to speculate as there is no information from Capcom about whether they have any plans for Resident Evil 3: Remake. Many of the most popular titles in the franchise’s history, the remake, has been a long-running title. Fans hoped that the remastered version would contain more story content to make it stand out from the original to the dismay of many, RE3 Remake cut story content.


Resident Evil 3 is still a great film for survival-horror fans. The live-action movie Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is generating a lot of hype. It is based on the first two titles. We hope the movie is produced well and well received by the public. This can also set the stage for a live-action film inspired by Resident Evil3.

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