The Steam Deck May Not Work With Every Steam Game After All

The Steam Deck May Not Work With Every Steam Game After All

The Steam Deck May Not Work With Every Steam Game After All

The hype surrounding the team DeckRecent developments have seen this trend slowing down. But that doesn’t mean people have stopped waiting impatiently for a handheld system to revolutionize the market. although people like Phil Spencer, Xbox’s CEO, have praised Valve’s device. Although information about the device suggests it can play all games in a user’s Steam library, there could be bad news.

A recent episode of the Boiling Steam podcast revealed that James B. Ramey (president of CodeWeavers), has stated that the Steam Deck might not work with all Steam titles. He says that Valve’s claim that the handheld PC can play any game is due to its potential and that it has the “the horsepower” necessary to do so. He clarified that this was his opinion and that he hadn’t spoken with Pierre-Loup Griffis (one of the Deck developers who made that claim in an IGN interview).

Griffis stated that Valve had not been able to find any compatible games with the Steam Deck during the interview. Ramey seems to believe that Ramey misunderstood what was said. Recent concerns have also been raised about games that might not run. Online games such as Dead by Daylight and Destiny 2 may not work with the Deck. Other multiplayer games, such as Destiny 2 and PUBG, may not work. This could be due to Anti-cheat software that is not compatible with Linux.

As many are already aware, the Steam Deck operating system is based on Linux, which Ramey and his team developed a compatibility layer for so Valve’s device could run Windows-based games. CodeWeavers developed the system Proton. Sources indicate that Proton can run 16,000 games through Steam. This is a significant number, but not all. The number of titles Proton can be used with is growing.

These latest developments suggest that the Deck might have trouble running all Steam games in a player’s library. This is something that the company might consider before releasing the product. As Valve is interested in the Steam Deck paving the way for more handheld PC systems, let’s hope that it can truly be a gaming device that will run all games.

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