Football Manager 2022 Tips to Help You Win Matches and Score Goals

Football Manager 2022 Tips to Help You Win Matches and Score Goals


Football Manager 2022 Tips to Help You Win Matches and Score Goals


Football Manager 2022 is not the greatest update to Football Manager, but there are still some tweaks that can be used that might surprise even the most experienced players. These Football Manager 2022 tips may be helpful if you have been struggling to plug in a 4-2-3-1 gegenpress each year.

It is important to be clear that almost all the changes are not made on the pitch. They also affect how you interpret what happens with the Data Hub. Except for a significant nerf against gegenpressing, a new player role and new animations, playing matches in Football Manager is basically the same. However, there’s something about it which won’t let your go on autopilot quite so much.

These tips will help you get the ball in the goal.

Many will continue to press the same buttons as they did in FM 2022, which is undoubtedly the biggest error. Sports Interactive designed FM 2022 to be so exhausting that players won’t feel the need to press all day. Injuries will quickly accumulate.

Corner Routines are fundamentals Football Manager players often overlook. This is crazy considering they are so strong in 2022. Although short corners are excellent this year, there is one that seems a little too powerful.

Watch as your goalkeeper makes a great effort to get the ball at the near post. Sports Interactive will soon reduce the effectiveness of corners, but for now, you can use your players’ bonces to their best advantage.


Scout South America

This is really a tip to increase your Scouting Range as soon as possible. However, there are a lot of South American wonderkids in Football manager 2022, just as every year.

South America, whether it’s Arezo (or someone else), is the best place to find young players for Football Manager because there are so many bargains. Although it’s no longer as effective as it was once for Premier League teams due to Brexit restrictions, you can still build a team for your future with very little effort.

Play with Urgency

FM 22 has nerfed pressing. However, you can still play high-intensity games and wear down your opponents by cranking up the tempo.

Your team should play at a high tempo to counter any negativity from the press and make the most of your team’s speed. While your players should be fit, clubs of all levels should be able and willing to play at a high pace game.

To change the speed of FM 2022, go to Tactics > in Possession.

Take a 5-At-The-Back

Five at the back (Football Manager 2022) is all the rage. Football Manager 2022 encourages you to play with the system with wide centre backs (WCBs). The WCBs act as CBs or FBs, moving the ball up and allowing wingbacks to move forward.

This year’s system is particularly strong, as we were able to set many records and achieve many goals using a specific strategy. Try the 5ATB if you are tired of 4-2-3-1.

FM 22 still allows gegenpressing, but you must either use match plans or reduce the overall pressure. This will allow your team to only press at specific moments. You might find yourself in a bind if you don’t use gegenpressing in FM 22.


Football Manager 2022 Tips to Help You Win Matches and Score Goals
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