How to Know What Rust Halloween 2021 Is Like

How to Know What Rust Halloween 2021 Is Like

How to Know What Rust Halloween 2021 Is Like

How to Know What Rust Halloween 2021 Is Like

Rust can be a frightening descent into madness for humanity at times. But the Halloween event in 2021 looks like it will take that to the next level with new and returning content.

Rust is hosting a Trick or Treat event, a pumpkin contest, and the chance to win free skins. This is everything you need about Rust’s Halloween event in 2021.

What time does Rust Halloween 2021 begin and end?

Rust’s Halloween 2021 will be from October 28th to November 4, 2021. This is a few days less than last year. An update will be required.

Details for Trick or Treat Events

After last year’s Halloween fun, Trick or Treat will be back in Rust this year.

Each two days, players can participate in a candy hunt on the map. The 3 highest loot collectors will receive more loot and special bags. You can upgrade your loot to get more loot even if you don’t place on the podium. You can use the Scarecrow Wrap again to hunt for loot via candy vision.

The Rust Halloween 2021 event will give you everything you need to build your base and get the M249, which is the most sought-after weapon in the game.

However, be aware that the Rust will also make a return to Scarecrow NPCs this Halloween. But they will still serve an important purpose.

Frankenstein’s Monster is the most fascinating new feature to Rust Halloween.


You will create Frankenstein’s Monster from your pet monster by killing scarecrows or mummies on the map and collecting any body parts that they drop.

Once you have your head, legs and torso, you can make a Frankenstein table. Then, place the parts inside and awaken your best friend. You can control Frankenstein’s Monster by using P

Frankenstein’s Monster will follow your movements and attack any person you hit. It will also defend you against attacks from others.

Congratulations if you have ever had Frankenstein’s Monster help you at doorcamp on your Rust content Bingo card.

Welyn’s ears have just piqued.

This year, Artistic Rust enthusiasts can carve pumpkins with the best designs earning rewards. All you need is the Carvable Pumpkin.

Create a cute design, then use the hashtag #RustHalloween to tweet your photo. Here are the prizes you could win:

1st place
PS75 skins
2x Rust DLC Keys

2nd place
Skins worth PS50
1x Rust DLC Key

The contest will be open until November 8, 2021. Have fun carving.

How to Know What Rust Halloween 2021 Is Like
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