Hades will allow you to become very familiar with Zagreus’s arsenal. You will most likely use all of them due to the repetitive nature of fighting your way through the Underworld. Although it is fun to swap weapons, those who want to escape the Underworld must choose a winner. It’s a difficult decision, considering the Hades infernal weapons are extremely useful. The randomness of upgrades and boons makes it even more difficult. It is possible that the popularity of the game has been influenced by its overall effectiveness.

This article will only focus on the ease of access and my opinion on superior weapons. I will not be ranking each aspect of the weapon, nor will I be evaluating particular builds. Based on my experiences with the game, this will only be an evaluation of the weapon’s average use. These are the six Hadesinfernal weapons ranked.


Just to reiterate, none of these infernal weapons are evil. The Adamantrail is particularly effective when landing long-distance heavy firing and grenade shots. It allows Zagreus, while slowly chipping away at enemy health, to stay mostly out of harm’s reach. It doesn’t have a lot animation, which makes it easy to cancel out attacks.

The problem with the Adamant Rail? It’s the most complex of all the Hades infernal arm . Although it may seem like you just need to press the attack button to fire, there’s more to it than that. Reloading can be frustrating as it can make you vulnerable and disrupt your flow. Bomb attacks can also be a problem, even though they are extremely destructive, but they can be difficult to land. The game does not account for travel paths. You will often aim a grenade shot that bounces off a nearby pillar, and it will miss the target completely. I find the special shot too slow, giving enemies enough time to dodge.

Although I have created some amazing builds using the Adamant Rail I am not comfortable with it. It has the potential to be a great weapon, but it is not likely to win a lucky build due to the random boons.

This is a unique and challenging weapon choice.


The average quality of the sword weapon was something I considered for a while. It’s because it has less drawbacks but is still painfully average that I decided to lower it. The Stygian Blade will be your first weapon, and it’s clear why. It is very simple to use and makes the game feel easy without making Zagreus seem too powerful early on.

The problem is that the blade doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from other blades or offer any significant advantages. It does not do much damage, its speed is average, and has limited ranged capabilities. It does have a decent knockback attack which requires a short animation. Other than that, it is unremarkable. This is obviously affected by certain aspects, particularly the Aspect of Arthur. The average run with this weapon is not something to be proud of.

The problem with the sword is its need for close-range combat, without the speed to avoid being overpowered. Because of its speed deficit, the sword is unable to give buffs or debuffs at the same time. Hades Infernal Arms is easy to comprehend, but hard to make more effective. Perhaps some more flair could be added for improvements in a subsequent .


The bow might seem deceptively simple at first, if your experience is anything like mine. When you unlock the bow, it is tempting to keep your enemies at bay. It quickly becomes clear that distance is a rare, fleeting luxury. The main advantage of the bow is its powerful power shots. It can be hard to master because most enemies won’t allow you to aim properly.


The Heart-Seeking Bow suddenly turns into a very devastating weapon once the player is familiar with the power shot. It is difficult to take down enemies with multiple shots, especially when they are close by. This disadvantage is negated by the power shot. It simply requires that the player fire their shot at the correct time. Although it takes some practice, once you master the timing of your power shot, most enemies will be destroyed in one hit. You can avoid enemies from a safe distance, and you can clear multiple enemies with one hit.

This special move, which involves rapidly firing multiple arrows at close quarters, is also very deceivingly helpful. It seemed at first like a desperate attack to be able to escape from being surrounded. It’s much more deadly if you are directly in front of a single target. quick volley at point blank does huge damage and every hit is also a benefit from your boons. It’s the easiest of the Hadesinfernal arms and offers the greatest reward for mastery.


Before I began this list, the Eternal Spear was something that I assumed would be close to the sword. They were similar in terms of their attack patterns and average damage. Although the spear’s thrust is a bit faster than that of the sword, Zagreus’s combos are prone to long pauses due to its charge attack.

The spear’s reach is where it can distinguish itself from the sword. Basic attacks of the spear already have greater length. Upgrades often increase this. The spear also has a throwing attack that allows for greater offensive range. The spear is powerful and versatile enough to adapt to most situations.

The spear proved to be a very safe option, even though it did not always do the most damage. I was able to use its reach to keep me safe from harm more often than not. I could also exploit the environment to attack enemy over gaps. If I’m surrounded, the charge attack can sweep through all enemies at once. You can also get an upgrade that transforms the thrust into three, increasing the attack’s width. The only problem with this upgrade is that it does not allow for speedruns through Underworld. Its speed and damage are not sufficient to clear rooms as fast as the other Hadesinfernal weapons. It’s however the first weapon on this list that really opens up multiple possibilities to use one weapon.


At first, the shield feels like it may have the same problem as the spear. It is too slow to complete most runs. The shield is significantly more destructive than its slow attacks, however. This weapon can be used in a range of play styles, including close-combat and ranged combat. It also has defensive capabilities. The basic attack has a slight knockback effect that compensates for the slow speed and gives Zagreus more time to perform subsequent combos. It can also be thrown and is very useful in cramped spaces where the shield bounces between opponents.

As you would expect, the Shield of Chaos has a unique advantage in terms of its defensive capabilities. It is the only weapon that provides a dedicated blocking mechanism. It allows players to take a break and think about their next move. This provides a welcome break from the endless dashing required by all other weapons. You can change the direction of the block without being vulnerable. The block can also be used as a charge to a bull rush attack and allows for immediate counterattacks.


Its biggest drawback is its slow speed at which it applies boons. Although the shield can be used to inflict multiple victims with poison or doom, it is difficult to make stacks. However, I rarely fail a run when using the shield. It’s the only Hadesinfernal weapon that allows players to spend their time, even when they are desperate.


When I unlocked Malphon, I didn’t know it would be my favorite weapon in the game. I didn’t know how punching an enemy would benefit me more than a shield, blade, or arrow. Because it seems to only offer one trick, it’s easy for people to underestimate the fists. Malphon is a master of the fists, hitting hard and fast with surprising range.


Wearing Malphon, Zagreus basically destroys his enemies through dancing around them. While pounding your enemies while running around the area, Zagreus rarely has to be seen. This is despite being at close range. Zagreus can land multiple hits at once, dealing huge damage and applying stacks upon stacks of boon effects. You can use an uppercut to do more damage.

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