The complete Equipment List for Halo Infinite

The complete Equipment List for Halo Infinite

The complete Equipment List for Halo Infinite

The complete Equipment List for Halo Infinite

Although weapons are a major focus for , another aspect of a Spartan’s loadout cannot be overlooked is their equipment. This gives them new abilities and new ways to either take down their opponents or find new ways of dealing with the map. Or just to get out of dodge when they’re being shot at.

This is everything you need about equipment in Halo Infinite.

What are the pieces of equipment in Halo Infinite

There are seven pieces available for Halo Infinite at launch. These pieces are scattered over the 10 maps of Halo Infinite, with some pieces being treated the same as power weapons. Equipment can only be used for a certain amount of time, which varies depending on its use. You can also pick up equipment from dead bodies.

What Equipment is Available in Halo Infinite

Currently, there are seven pieces available in Halo Infinite. However, more equipment will be added in the months ahead. These are the details of the equipment:


– Active camo (invisibility temporarily, but the more you move the more visible you become)
Drop Wall (deploys an obstacle that you can shoot through but enemies must destroy sections in order to hit you).
– Grappleshot (grapple hook) can be used to map new areas, to attack enemies from close range, to deliver a melee attack or to transport weapons.
– Overshield (doubles the shield output and is ideal for close range loadouts where you have to cover some distance).
– Resulsor (pushes your enemies away from you, useful for clearing space if your enemy is wielding a shotgun or a sword)
– Threat Sensor (reveals enemy through walls for a few seconds, can be planted on them)
– Thruster (a quick boost that makes it possible to get close to corners or escape from corners more easily)

How can I practice using equipment?

Equipment is a limited-use item that can only be obtained on the map during matches. Sometimes you won’t have the chance to use some pieces of equipment because other players are also competing for them. You can still use equipment against bots by opening the Training Mode in Halo Infinite’s Academy section. This will give you at least some multiplayer combat experience.

The complete Equipment List for Halo Infinite
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