Valheim's 2021 Roadmap will be smaller than originally planned, Mistlands Update adds new Biome

Valheim’s 2021 Roadmap will be smaller than originally planned, Mistlands Update adds new Biome

Valheim's 2021 Roadmap will be smaller than originally planned, Mistlands Update adds new Biome

Valheim’s 2021 Roadmap will be smaller than originally planned; Mistlands Update adds a new Biome.

The Viking survival game Valheim has a strong start on Steam. It received an Overwhelmingly positive rating just three days after it launched into Early Access. The title’s team has created a 2021 roadmap to highlight its plans for the rest of the year. With thousands of players exploring the procedurally generated world,

In Valheim’s 2021 roadmap, four updates were initially listed to improve certain aspects of the game. There will also be several changes that will occur “if Odin wills.” Developer Iron Gate announced in June that all the details would be revealed closer to release.

We won’t have the ability to provide four updates this year, as many of you know. Instead, we are planning to launch Hearth & Home Q3 2021 and temporarily take down the roadmap while we make changes. We’re sorry that it took us so long to update,” it wrote in a steam post.

We weren’t ready for such an influx of players. This highlighted a thousand problems and bugs that had to be addressed immediately. The recent experience has been made as stable as possible, so the new content must be put on hold. To be clear, we haven’t been able to focus all our resources on Hearth & Home since May. 

According to the developer, the new Valheim roadmap will be smaller. The developer says that minor updates to the Valheim roadmap will be put off and that work on the major Mistlands update for Hearth & Home will begin after Hearth & Home is released.

Update 1: Hearth & Home

Release Date September 16

Valheim’s first major update, Hearth & Home, fleshes out base-building and player housing as essential parts of the core gameplay loop. New build pieces will include dark wood roofs and window openings. New cooking station extensions such as the spice rack and butcher table, and pots & pans are on the horizon.

Vilhelm will also get a new food system that “emphasizes boosting your health and stamina. Making food choices more interesting based upon your playstyle.” Timers for each item will replace the food bar, and there will be three categories of food items.

Health and stamina will affect your combat poise differently, but they also allow you to attack longer. As it increases your ability to “deflect incoming hits and mitigate damage,” tanker Vikings will seek to increase their health. Blocking power will be determined by your maximum health. This stat affects your stagger bar, which seems to make you vulnerable for a short moment once it is full.

Tower shields have more knockback, making them an excellent choice for tanker builds that want to defend their position against multiple enemies. The buckler allows players to dodge strikes. Round shields are still the best choice if you prefer a balanced approach to play.

Boars, wolves, and deer each different drop types of meat upon being killed. Valheim’s Hearth & Home updates include more than 10 new recipes, plantable onions, and more than 10 other features.

It would help if you baked bread and pies in the oven before they could be eaten. You can remove active buffs by eating special berries if you are unhappy about your food choices.

Treasure chests and iron grates, as well as coin piles, are on the horizon. All weapons have been rebalanced. The two-handed ax has a faster wind up and increased stagger damage. The draw speed of the bow has been adjusted. It cannot be drawn immediately, but it requires less stamina to keep drawing.

Valheim’s 2021 Roadmap will be smaller than originally planned, Mistlands Update adds new Biome
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