FFXIV Carpenter Unlock guide: Quest locations & Coordinates

FFXIV Carpenter Unlock guide: Quest locations & Coordinates

FFXIV Carpenter Unlock guide: Quest locations & Coordinates

FFXIV Carpenter Unlock guide: Quest locations & Coordinates

Carpenters play a unique role in Final Fantasy XIV. They can make weapons and accessories for many other roles, but they are not Blacksmith or Goldsmith. They are responsible for making bows, lances and fishing rods, and some other tools used by other crafting classes. This last one is enough to make them worthwhile as early Disciples of the Hand in FFXIV. There may be better options.

Any serious crafter will eventually have to unlock Carpenter and complete all relevant quests. This guide and the accompanying list of coordinates will help you find them all.

FFXIV Carpenter Quest Sites

It can be challenging to find your next Job quest in or FFXIV. It is possible to search your log for completed quests. This will show you the last missions you completed for each class and the NPC name you need to talk with for the next one. Where is the NPC? Is it in the same spot as last time, or have they moved? What was the ” last time ” if you don’t remember playing a particular class for a while, what was the “last time”?

We have created a table that indicates the location, coordinates and required level of every Carpenter Job quest. Note: “Way of the Carpenter” is the first quest. It begins in Old Gridania at the Carpenters Guild. This guild is located in the capital city of the Black Shroud. These coordinates are shown below. However, the guild doesn’t have an Aethernet Shard. The Gridania Aetheryte Plaza acts somewhat like the de facto Aethernet Shard.

Notes on The Crystalline Mean

All FFXIV gatherers and crafters start at Level 70. The Carpenter is not included in this case. There are no class-specific quests. Instead, you will gain access to “The Crystalline Mean,” which is a small area for NPCs in The Crystarium. This can be found back on Norvrandt after you have reached the capital during the Shadowbringers campaign. It is marked “The Crystalline Mean” with an Aethernet point. If you are having trouble finding it, it’s on the top floor of the city, close to the Amaro Launch. Blue side quest markers will draw the attention of gatherers and crafters who have sufficient levels. The opening quest is also known as “The Crystalline Mean.”

Five NPCs are notable in the area, each with its quest chains. Each chain can be linked to multiple crafting and gathering classes so that you can complete every step of the questline with any of the relevant classes. The Fishers are the only exception; they receive their quests apart from all other classes.

In other words, the Crystalline Mean functions are very similar to Role Quests in combat classes. Any DPS magic user can complete any DPS wizard questline step by step. The Crystalline Mean missions for “Facet of Crafting” are shared by Weaver, Carpenter, or Leatherworker. As long as you meet the required level requirements, any quest within their series can be completed as one of the three Jobs. After talking to the NPC Recording Node, these quests begin at Level 70 with “Cherished memories.”


Almost every Crystalline Mean mission requires you to talk with someone, gather items, craft them, and turn them in. Custom Deliveries are for characters in Idyllshire, Elmore and Elmore. For every delivery and quest, you get XP and Gil. Scrips are also available. Quest chains are a great way to increase your non-combat class levels. As you advance your Disciples of the Hand or Land, you can also use the Scrips for helpful gear and items.

Notice: To unlock The Crystalline Mean, you must complete Level 72 Main Scenario Quest ‘The Crystarium’s Resolve.’

Notes on Studium Deliveries

Although we don’t know much about the new quests at the moment, Square Enix provided the basics in a November Live letter before the release of Endwalker. This topic: These seem to be the Endwalker equivalent to The Crystalline Mean quests. It’s safe to assume that the quests will occur at The Studium, an established location in Old Sharlayan. This information is only a preview and some educated guesses. Please take this with a grain of salt until Endwalker goes online. We’ll then have a Studium Delivery Guide to accompany everything else.

FFXIV Carpenter Basics & Importance

The HTMLXIV Carpenter is… strange. This is a more complementary job than the other Disciples of the Hand. You will still need it to craft all the gear in the game. The Carpenter, like the Blacksmith, can make weapons such as spears and bows, Black Mage staffs and White Mage rods. Some secondary tools are also made by Carpenters, like those for Goldsmith and Weaver. Certain accessories are also made by Carpenters, such as necklaces and rings. These accessories are handy for gatherers and crafters. This is the same class that makes fishing poles.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint what Carpenters do. Carpenters fill in the gaps left behind by more skilled crafters, offering a comprehensive range of recipes and broader umbrellas. This is the place to go if you are specifically looking for Black Mage White Mage Dragoon and Bard Weapons. As you increase your non-combat class, crafting and gathering accessories will be the most useful. These accessories improve your CP (essentially, mana for both roles) and GP (essentially, mana for each role), which are often the most important stats to have for these Jobs.

Carpenter recipes require lumber. This can be made from logs that you have harvested as a Botanist. You can either become a Carpenter yourself or train one to harvest wood and plants. Like Leatherworkers and Weavers, Carpenters can earn endgame money by crafting decorative items for players who enjoy decorating. Anyone who invests in this aspect of the game may be able to level up their crafting skills. Although it’s not a straightforward task, it can result in huge profits due to the rarity of certain housing materials.

And there you have the very basics of how to unlock the Carpenter (and why you should) in FFXIV. Not to mention you now also have a handy list of locations to check as you progress through the class quests and your adventure. Best of luck carving your path forward!

FFXIV Carpenter Unlock guide: Quest locations & Coordinates
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