Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is Superfluous and Cute
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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is Superfluous and Cute

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is Superfluous and Cute

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is Superfluous and Cute

After many years of fans shouting at Nintendo employees, Pokemon Brilliant diamond and Shining Pearl were finally released. Today’s featured contributor was Funk-e Joseph. Nicholas Grayson, Fanbyte’s brand editor, spoke candidly about the series’ history, Sinnoh’s many songs, and why it felt a little too late to remake Pearl and Diamond.

Niki, What is so refreshing about this? They didn’t make any changes to my life. They are like, “We’re going to make HD,” and not change any other thing.

Funke: They only made a few changes. People have said that this game is more brutal than the Pokemon entries, but I’m afraid I have to disagree. It is a much easier game than the originals. Within the first hour, you can get some very powerful legendaries like Jirachi or Mew. However, I do not believe that the ease of difficulty makes it less enjoyable. These games are now more accessible to a broader range of people, even those unfamiliar with turn-based RPGs.

Niki, They made the underground stronger and removed his. You don’t have to be an HM slave anymore. A Bidoof is all you need in your sixth slot. God already has one for you.

Funke: I’m just a normal Bidoof, with normal moves. He is an excellent raccoon.

(Editor’s Note: Although we know that Bidoof is a Beaver, Funke still believes it to be a Rat. )

Niki, What do you think about the visual style of this site? It will be a chibi-themed overworld that features standard battle stuff.

Funke: It’s my favourite. Since pokemon, the most popular game of all time, I have been a fan. This is X, but smaller. It’s fantastic that they didn’t use the same style. Everyone does look like a baby in the Diamond. It’s just more apparent now. I can recall watching the announcement trailer, and I saw a lot of people have opposing opinions. But I believe they are just haters. It works. It is nice and relaxing to walk around. It’s a good fit for Pokemon. These games are designed to appeal to children, and this style is very successful at that.

Niki, I feel the same. When I first saw the screenshots, I felt like I didn’t understand how I felt about it. But now I do. You can see the precise details, such as the over-the-shoulder pose the characters use when they enter battle. They also slide across the screen. It’s a joy to use every single time. Because I love the little details they add, I am excited to explore these towns and cities.

Niki A chatter said that Sinnoh was supposed to be as a part Gold and Silver. But they didn’t have enough space or technology. These concepts are still relevant in 2021, which is amazing.

Funke: Pokemon Brilliant, Diamond was a nostalgic trip with cute art. However, I have struggled to recommend it to others who haven’t played the Diamond or Pearl. It’s been fun, and I don’t think this remake is necessary. The Diamond Pearl original still works and is mechanically optimized for the Nintendo DS. The battle selection and Poketch interactions were designed with two screens in mind. They live on the bottom screen. The Switch feels cramped and strange.

While preservation is an issue, it would have been better if Nintendo moved the resources and placed them in Pokemon Legends Arceuswhile still making the originals more easily accessible. Nintendo doesn’t do this without imposing a high price or making a complicated tie-in with their online service.

Niki It is clear that this was meant to be larger at one point. This remake is the most transformative. Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, SoulSilver, and Omega Ruby all add to their original titles. Shining Pearl and Shining Pearl are the least transformative.

Funke: It is certainly not as far-reaching as the other generations. It’s not groundbreaking in technology or presentation.

Niki I’m curious why they didn’t make Platinum. They have missed the beauty of those third ones. It’s also a bit strange that Pokemon Legends Arceus has no clear set-up. Here’s what you should know about these areas to be prepared for the new format of a Pokémongame.

Some of it is in there, but it is the same stuff that was 15 years ago and isn’t contextualized by the game coming out in January 2022. References feel more accidental than intentional.

Funke: Pokémon is supposed to be this unified, all-encompassing series. However, these releases feel disjointed. They have been requested for years. They were looking for Diamond and Pearlremakes. However, the hype has waned.

I want The Pokemon Company be more risk-averse and to take greater risks. It seems like they might be doing that for Pokemon Legends Arceus. I hope they do more. They should also pick up any spinoffs that they haven’t yet. I would love to see more Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon RangerPokemonXD: Gale of Darkness, or Pokemon Colosseum. They could use the Pokemon formula to shake up the world.

Niki I’m glad one of my favorite Pokemongames was re-released. However, this is the last rerelease that I will be feeling any way about. Black and White were not for me. That was where I lost interest in this series. These games are great and I am glad they exist. It would have been nice if the developers had done more. To be fair, they’re only HD ports.

Funke: Pokemon’s path is all over place due to these games constantly trying to be and do everything. But sometimes I wish The Pokemon Company would relax and just try new things. I’m enjoying my time with Brilliant Diamond a lot. This game has already consumed more time than Ruined Kings: A League of Legends Story and Shin Megami Tensei, which are two other RPGs that I have been playing.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond has become so familiar that it’s taken me on a nostalgic trip I don’t often get to experience. I tend to play older games or newer titles that I haven’t played before. Right now, however, I am being forced to look back. It’s nice! It’s nice that we can appreciate the achievements of this generation Pokemon. I want something more. I want them to push harder and not play it safe when they release their next album.


Pokemon Brilliant Diamond is Superfluous and Cute
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