This player of the 'Crusader Kings" made virtual history with his own likeness

This player of the ‘Crusader Kings” made virtual history with his own likeness

This player of the 'Crusader Kings" made virtual history with his own likeness

This player of the ‘Crusader Kings” made virtual history with his likeness

Many consider Crusader Kings III the place to make genetically gifted rulers. Lucas Busquet de Azevedo is a history teacher who could create from scratch using the game’s tools.

Busquet de Azevedo, when not lecturing history, is part of two teams that work on story-rich total transformation mods for Crusader Kings III. The first mod, “Godherja: The Dying World,” transforms medieval conflict into a dark fantasy realm, complete with a magic system and a storyline that threatens to end all of humanity. The mod ‘A Game of Thrones’ mixes fantasy and historical themes. It will see Westeros, along with its feuding family, transferred into the game. Busquet de Azevedo attributes his character “DNA” to help him create the game’s rulers. “Just for the Godherja Mod, I must have done at most 300 DNAs […] You learn to memorize sliders after doing so many DNAs.”

Busquet de Azevedo’s in-game recreation of himself is fantastic. However, with the Coat of Arms Developer mod, he could also use his custom heraldry to go along with his surname. I liked the idea of using Dynasty with my name and adopting its historical heraldry. He says it’s great to see people with my name around the world. “Sometimes, I like to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors by starting to play in Normandy then immigrating to Spain after several generations.

Busquet de Azevedo fondly remembers one campaign. His crusading counterpart, who was in a weak position at the time, was abducted by a Viking chief shortly after giving birth. The campaign’s goal was to build the resources necessary for the invasion of Sweden and rescue his wife.

“After seven to eight years of hard work, I was finally able to raise the money to hire large numbers of men and face the ‘Villain of my saga. Busquet de Azevedo explains that he lost his eye during the conflict but managed to save my wife, capture the Viking chief’s younger brother, and later execute him. However, tragedy struck when his wife gave birth to the Viking chief’s son. The Crusader King version left behind to die of a broken heart or, more accurately, melancholy a few years later.

Crusader Kings is a game that allows for tragedy – it’s a dramatic enough title without any ‘Game of Thrones’-style conversion. But, for Busquet De Azevedo more than a strategy game. He enjoys immersing himself in the story. He explains that he plays the game more for the roleplaying experience than trying to conquer the world or min-max it. “And the campaign, at least for me, felt like a movie or book with the protagonist (with mine) trying to save his wife until fate separated them again.”


This is the first part of a series that explores how people play games in their ways, through customization, character choice, and other forms of inspiration. They show their ‘other me. Continue reading: God of War 2, Destiny 2, Dead By Daylight, Stardew Valley

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This player of the ‘Crusader Kings” made virtual history with his own likeness
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