Diablo4 has been confirmed as being on the way more than five years ago after Reaper of Souls had us facing Malthael. Blizzard revealed the return to the beloved ARPG series at BlizzCon 2019. It also showed us gameplay and its first details about platforms and release dates.

We’ll be sharing more information in the coming months. Here are all details about Diablo 4, including its release date and story.

Diablo 4 Release Date

The release date for Diablo IV is still far off. Blizzard stated that the game was still being developed and had many decisions to make when it was announced.

Activision’s Q3 2021 earnings call confirmed that the game would launch later than expected. This is similar to Overwatch II. It will delay the launch, leading to Diablo IV not being released sooner than 2023.

Diablo 4 Story

Although details surrounding Diablo IV’s story remain elusive, it did reveal Lilith in all of her glory, pointing to her as the villain in the next installment.

Although Lilith has not been seen since Diablo II (Diablo III), her place in Diablo lore remains significant. She is the Queen of Succubi, and her union with Inarius created the first Nephalem (Diablo II puts players in the shoes of a nephalem).

Diablo IV returns to the dark, gothic aesthetic of the first two titles and from which Diablo III left.

Diablo 4 Gameplay

We saw Diablo IV’s gameplay, and it seems that the title is trying to look back at the past while doing its own thing. It also aims to keep true to the series’ hack-‘n’-slash ARPG heritage.

Five playable classes will be available in Diablo IV’s launch. The BlizzCon 2019 revealed three of them: the sorceressSorceressan, and druid. The Barbarian relies heavily on brute force and weaponry to win, while the SorceressSorceressmental magic such as fireballs or bolts of lightning to blast her foes apart.

The Diablo II Druid can not only use storm magic and earth but also shapeshift into a werewolf or werebear forms during battle. To get a better idea of the cost of character customization, it’s worth reading our article.

Blizzard hopes that Ancient items in Diablo IV will encourage more playstyles. Blizzard is currently allowing players to gain consumable items to attach non-Legendary items to Legendary gear.

The stronger tier Mythic items will be most sought after due to their powerful stats. However, you can only have one of them at a time. Item sets are also returning in Diablo IV, but they will play a smaller part than Diablo III.

Another aspect of customization players can engage in is runewords and runewords. Diablo IV, inspired by Diablo II’s system, will feature two types of runes that create a runeword. These rewards can be used to give items new abilities and act as an enchantment. This deep dive on runes and runewords provides more information about how they work.


Players will customize their skill slots to create the build they desire.

Diablo IV is different from other entries in that it has a shared world that players can explore using mounts. You’ll meet other players as you travel around the world. These players will allow you to join a party to complete quests and receive farm gear. The enemy-level scales are so that the open world doesn’t have any difficulty levels.

Dungeons can be tackled either solo or with a group. You will be able to select the difficulty level upon entering. You or your party will have access to campaign-relevant areas.

Unfortunately, Diablo IV won’t be available offline due to the shared nature of this world. Cross-platform Play is something Blizzard is interested in. Diablo IV will also have microtransactions, although their nature is unknown.

Diablo IV will not feature items of different sizes, which is good news to anyone worried about the inventory Tetris of Diablo II.

Diablo IV will support PC controllers in addition to the keyboard and mouse. The game’s UI will also be more consistent and use grid-based layouts to provide optimal navigation for both control methods.

The monsters of Diablo IV will be divided into families that are made up of different archetypes. Each family will have its combat style and different archetypes that fulfill different roles.

The Drowned family, for example, includes the following archetypes. Blunderers are larger foes with large health pools and can strike in large groups like swarmers. Melee units can be used as shields by ranged enemies in combat.

Diablo IV introduced the Cannibals to its third monster family, along with the Fallen and the Drowned. Their family consists of four archetypes, which focus on melee combat.

Two-handed melee units of the Cannibals are equipped with a two-handed cleaver that can perform a slow, sweeping frontal attack. They also have a light halberd that allows them to jump towards players and close in in the distance. Their bruiser can stun players with two spiked maces, while their swarmers can use dual-wielding axes to deliver fast attacks that can quickly prove fatal to stunned players.

The different archetypes of Diablo IV’s monsters will test players through their unique abilities and how they interact.

Horse customization has been confirmed. Certain areas of the map will allow players to engage in PvP.

An NPC called the Occultist allows players to transfer Legendary Powers to one item and destroy the first. Also, the +Skill Rank affix has made a comeback. It allows you to buff existing skills and let you unlock those you don’t have yet.

The Paragon Board will be part of Diablo IV’s development. This is an improved version of Diablo III’s Paragon system.

Each class is unlocked at level 50. It starts at the central tile of its intro board and charts a route through tiles of various rarities, which give bonuses until it reaches the gate tile.

You can then choose another board to explore and target bonuses. You can target rare and legendary tiles to give your character more powerful.

The socket tiles allow you to insert glyphs that benefit based on the number of active tiles within their radius. This radius can be extended by leveling up in the more difficult dungeons.

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