Pokemon Legends - Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

Pokemon Legends – Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

Pokemon Legends - Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

Pokemon Legends – Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?

The Pokemon Company unveiled a new open-world title celebrating Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary. Pokemon Legends – Arceus was created in the Hisui area, an ancient Sinnoh with fewer gym battles and clan rivalry.

The series’ latest instalment aims to recreate the open-world elements of popular Nintendo titles like The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild but within the Pokemon universe. The starter Pokemon is not the same as Pokemon Legends: Arceus sets in Sinnoh of old. They are from different regions.

This guide will show you how to get all three starter Pokemon.


Cyndaquil, a fire-type starter Pokemon, is the best in the series. Its final evolution is Typhlosion. Typhlosion is a powerful special attack Pokemon that can damage at high speeds but lacks overall defence. Typhlosion is a fire-type Pokemon, and it is not as strong against the ground, rock, or water-type moves.


Rowlett is an interesting starting Pokemon because of its final evolution. Decidueye, a ghost/flying type Pokemon, is Rowlet. It is one of the unique final evolutions among all the starting Pokemon. Rowlett, a grass/flying-type Pokémon, is the only starter that can be used to help you get started in the game.


In its final form, Rowlett also has a special attack, high attack and defence stats that can be used to help with battles. Although he is a dual-type, it makes him a strong starter. However, it also means that he has the greatest weaknesses of all starters. Rowlett is unable to perform fire, dark, ghost and ice-type moves.


Oshawott, a fox, is the final starter in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. End of. End of.

Oshawott has the lowest base stats among all water-types in the series. This makes it a little difficult to start Pokemon Legends: Arceus. However, if you’re patient, Oshawatt may make a great starter for you.

Which Starter Pokemon should you choose?

With its dual-type and high base statistics, Rowlett is a great Pokemon. We recommend that you choose the owl companion to be your best option. Cyndaquil, with its combination of fire-type moves and high special attack stats, is the second-best option.

Oshawatt is the Pokemon we recommend least. Although the otter starter is adorable, its base stats are the lowest of all water types, so it will not be the strongest member of any team.

It can be difficult to choose which starter Pokemon to get, especially when Legends has three options: Arceus. But only you, the player, will know which starter is best for you.

Check out our release Guide for more Pokemon Legends. It will tell you if it is compatible with Pokemon Home and all-new Pokemon.

Pokemon Legends – Which Starter Pokemon Should I Choose?
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