New character Mai is introduced by Eternal Return patch notes

New character Mai is introduced by Eternal Return patch notes

New character Mai is introduced by Eternal Return patch notes

New character Mai is introduced by Eternal Return patch notes.


We have asked developers for many games to be made into TV Shows. Plenty. How many people have done this? Riot did it with Arcane, their Netflix animated series that was critically acclaimed. The show follows some of the characters from League of Legends. Arcane received nothing but love. The average score was 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, and many are eagerly awaiting season 2…

Arcane was an invention that took years to create. League of Legends is most well-known for its MOBA games, but Riot has expanded its reach. League of Legends used to be the only game associated with the characters and world. But now, we have Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra and Ruined King, Wild Rift and Ruined King, and the Song of Nunu. The franchise is growing rapidly, and it’s no surprise. Arcane is bringing in more players. League of Legends and all its spin-offs. It’s a great way to create a gaming empire!

We need to wonder if other studios will do the same. Overwatch and Apex legends are the top TV Spin-offs/multimedia expansions contenders.

There is a demand!

You might be an avid lurker on… just about any site. You will know that Overwatch has been a TV Show or Movie for years now. Overwatch’s launch attracted a loyal and supportive fanbase. But as Overwatch became more boring (no updates and no changes), people lost interest. Many players began to look for other games. Apex Legends was one of these games. Battle Royale, a free-to-play game that attracted new players, was the same as Overwatch via animated shorts on YouTube.


Respawn released an animated trailer for each season of Apex Legends, a seasonal title that adds new content to the game each season. These trailers have been viewed over 5 million times on YouTube. Although the trailers are intended to draw players into Apex Legends, many attract fans who don’t play the game. Apex Legends has many characters. Each character gets their own story through animated trailers. People naturally become attached to these characters and want to see more.

An Apex Legends TV Show?

Fans and players have long wanted to see an animated Apex Legends show. But, maybe now that Arcane has been a success, Respawn might consider it. It is already clear that Netflix will be joining the fold. Netflix isn’t a picky streaming platform. They might be interested in more game content after Arcane. The company is keen to expand into the gaming market, especially after announcing Netflix Games. Why not work with studios?

Interest in In-House

We all know we want Apex legends to show. We also know that some insiders want one.

“A Netflix animated series about Apex?” Yes, that would be awesome. Grenier, Game Director, admitted it to GamesRadar 2020. Sign me up!

Ryan Rigney (ex-Director of Communications) gave a hint at something in early 2021. The Respawn developer was asked about a Netflix and Amazon Prime TV series during a Reddit AMA. He replied with a zipped lips emoji, suggesting that he couldn’t talk about it but maybe.

It doesn’t stop there. Jehadyel, a talented fan, created an animated intro that combined Arcane’s intro with Apex’s characters. A certain person saw the video and expressed admiration.

Apex Legends’ senior producer is Tim Lewinson. This tweet is not something you can sweep under the carpet.

Apex Legends will probably get a TV show, provided all pieces fit together. We may be surprised! In the next few months, we might hear something more official!

New character Mai is introduced by Eternal Return patch notes
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