Valorant 4.01 Update Notes

Valorant 4.01 Update Notes

Valorant 4.01 Update Notes

Valorant 4.01 Update Notes

Valorant Episode 4, Act 1 has a great start. The community has been very engaged by the new season thanks to the new skin lines as well as the new agent.

Riot Games has released the first patch to their new act, keeping pace with their grand release.

This update is known as the Valorant 4.01 Upgrade. It contains minor bug fixes and adjustments to weaponry. This is everything we know so far about the Valorant 4.01 update.

We will break down the patch notes into smaller sections so that everyone can understand what’s new in Valorant.

  • Muted Word List will be a section in your settings that allows you to type in different words/phrases you don’t want to see in-game
  • Let’s take it as an example. “Potato”, for instance, is a bad term. Although the chat client might detect “Potato”, it might not recognize that there are many ways to spell “Potato”. The community can add multiple iterations to help the client understand the various spellings of problematic words. This is a way to keep the chat open for all.
Valorant 4.01 Update Notes
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