Apex Legends Season 12 - Mad Maggie, Duardo and Everything We Saw in Judgment

Apex Legends Season 12 – Mad Maggie, Duardo and Everything We Saw in Judgment

Apex Legends Season 12 - Mad Maggie, Duardo and Everything We Saw in Judgment

Apex Legends Season 12 – Mad Maggie, Duardo and Everything We Saw in Judgment

Many Apex Legends fans eagle-eyed spied a high-speed dogfight in the skies above Stormpoint earlier this week. They began to worry about the Slavonian resistance logo prominently placed on the aircraft’s hull. Today’s episode of Stories from the Outlands, Judgement answers those questions. It’s official. Mad Maggie, a wanted fugitive from a Slavonian freedom fighter, is now the next Apex Legend. She will join the many character roster in Apex Legends Season 12 Defiance.

Many people may be familiar with Maggie from her explosive role in Fuse’s episode Stories from the Outlands. Fuse and Maggie grew up on Salvo as children. One of few “fringe planets” had not yet fallen to Syndicate rule. Fuse joined Legend in Season 8 to join the Legend roster. Salvo was officially allowed to enter Syndicate space. Furious at the betrayal she felt of Salvo, Maggie hit Fuse with an explosive live frag bomb, separating his left arm and eye.

She didn’t stop there. Maggie rigged King’s Canyon using an elaborate set of explosives to destroy a large part of the map. Fuse’s ship crashed to the ground after the induction ceremony. Many of those below were children.

Although it was an apparent suicide bombing, many players believed Maggie was dead, just like Crypto’s sister Mila. They were correct. Maggie is back and madder than ever.

Maggie is now in the Syndicate’s clutches. ‘Judgment’ depicts Maggie’s criminal trial proceedings. Despite being in enemy territory, Maggie is still remorseless and defiantly talks back to the judge who has jurisdiction over her case. He orders Maggie’s execution and clarifies that he doesn’t care about her motives.

Completely unphased by her impending death, a physically-restrained Maggie proceeds to smash her face against the metal podium to which she has been handcuffed, breaking loose a tooth that she manages spit directly into the eye of the judge, injuring and enraging him only a few moments after headbutting an armed guard and knocking him to the floor.

The most memorable moment in the animated short is the sudden appearance of a man wearing a khaki trenchcoat who blocks Maggie’s execution just seconds before the trigger is pulled. The man, who seems impressed by Maggie’s fearless and cutthroat attitude, has decided she is a good candidate for the Apex Games. This angers the judge who ordered her execution.

It’s not surprising, considering that Revenant was allowed to join the games by the Syndicate after he killed another Legend live on TV (which, according to the Syndicate, was a tremendous rating source). Other Legends have been given a pass by the Apex Games shadowy organization, including Caustic, whose crimes and true identity are well-known, and Valkyrie, who almost shot the Commissioner of the Apex Games in her episode on Stories from the Outlands.

Surprisingly, Maggie’s saviour is Duardo Silva. CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Octavio Octane Silva, is the father. This speed demon, a Stim addict, loves to run into danger just for the adrenaline rush.

Although this is his first screen appearance, Duardo Silva has been featured in comics Respawn posts on their Twitter account. Duardo Silva was physically abusing Octane with a glass from a broken bottle. This happened even though Octane had completed his bidding and filed serial numbers for the Icarus. Although it is easy to see how a pharmaceutical corporation might benefit from unleashing a viral attack on innocent citizens, until today, the Apex Games fans didn’t know that the Mercenary Syndicate was behind the scenes.

Although it is unclear what Duardo intends to gain by backing Mad Maggie, it is safe to assume that another boost in Apex match ratings will be just the tip. More details on Duardo’s undoubtedly-nefarious plans may come to light on January 27th, when the Season 12 launch trailer will be released.

You can still practice at the firing range, and Maggie is sure to be a formidable opponent on the battlefield. The Fuse should be watching his back while he sleeps with her aboard the dropship. As the unfortunate Syndicate judge, let’s hope he doesn’t take a newly-dislodged molar right to the cornea.

Apex Legends Season 12 – Mad Maggie, Duardo and Everything We Saw in Judgment
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