It seems impossible to take a step back when the world is so busy. With a game like OMM0_, peace is possible. This title was created by Jonas Manke ( Studios kinky fox), a solo developer. It is a gentle encouragement for you to keep going. You don’t have to push yourself too far. You can also get tips and hints from others who are willing to help. It’s like being surrounded by lush forests and frozen tundras. You’ll feel more at home if you make friends along the way.

OMNO offers a little bit of wonder, and many people will reap the rewards. It is essential to learn how to push forward while accepting help from everyone around you. You don’t have it all to face.

OMNO is now available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Story: Share your truths1.1) Never look behind2. Gameplay: Keep pushing forward2.1) Skills are essential to success2.23) AUDIO and GRAPHICS: Listen3.1) Serenity is found in a soundscape


When you awaken in a new place, the story begins. It is challenging to communicate or interact with other people in this new place. And it can take a while for the explanations to be made. You can learn your ancestors’ story by reading small text on old runes. As you solve small puzzles and challenges, things start to come together. It’s easy to see the purpose of the player when words of wisdom appear. It’s not a plot to consume too much time or energy.

These dinosaur-type critters look quite charming despite their small size.

It isn’t a deep story and will not leave any trace once it’s over. It won’t leave you with heartbreak or emotional trauma, unlike similar games like RiME. It’s challenging to imagine playtimes exceeding double figures due to the title’s length unless the game is re-examined several months later. OMNO would be a great one-off experience for a meditative and unique experience. Although there are many mysteries, it will not leave you with significant questions. It’s because it never becomes a question in the first place. The title’s charming charm is partly due to the fact that there is no story. Keep going

Never look back

It is vital to keep moving forward and up. This is a good reflection of what you can do. Players learn to never stop moving, from jumping between blocks to climbing mountains to travelling to different islands. The actual goal is irrelevant in a world filled with magic. Just keep going. There is nothing to run away from and nowhere to go back to. It’s a straight line from A to B.

OMNO’s cotton candy sky makes it truly ethereal


OMNOis a puzzle adventure game that’s been used before. The game is not challenging, as there aren’t any real challenges, and there are no threats. This is exactly what the developer wanted to accomplish. This is a quick and easy game. Instead of solving brain-puzzling puzzles, all the pieces are already laid out for you. Although it is a pleasant walk in the park, this is not a difficult task. A new area accompanies each puzzle. Maps are almost an open-world, allowing players to explore the area as they please. There is no set task list. This makes it more interesting that there is no challenge.


SKILLS are the key to success

As the player progresses, new skills are acquired to help make these puzzles easier and encourage them to keep going. Clearing a lot of maps is made much easier by learning the dash skill early. These elements can be unlocked as maps. This is a great way to keep the players engaged in a linear story. It would be easy if every skill were available as soon as the game is started. It would be very dull and a half-hour of gameplay with little thought.


Puzzles that appear daunting are meant to be a challenge.

Controls are nothing new. If you are a little lost in this situation, the first “world” tutorial will help you understand everything. Staff is the primary control device for the player. It is how you interact with the environment around you and how you use all the skills that you have acquired along the Journey. Jumping is a skill that can be learned quickly. This is the perfect introduction for a new player to puzzle adventures.

Everything is not as it seems

The title’s introduction seems a bit bland at first. The game’s grand world design is limited and the player has very little control. This is a very simple concept that you will see for the first hour of gameplay. But once you move on, everything starts to make sense. It is difficult to understand the purpose of the game at first due to the lack of narration. It is not clear what the story is or the purpose of each character. Similar to skills, you will learn more about the reasons why you started by asking questions.


Find new friends in the depths of undiscovered areas

Also, puzzles felt a little unfinished. There were many bugs in slide puzzles which made up a large portion of the gameplay. The gap between blocks would become too small and they would get stuck to the edges of platforms. To re-do a single element, the entire world would need to be restarted. These instances would be best described by grating. OMNO was a peaceful, laid-back game that passed the time.


OMNO looks great. It is however dull upon first encounter and first entry into the world. It lacks depth and colour making it appear very empty. These colours start to emerge as the players explore new worlds and discover new possibilities. The beginning area is so dull that it doesn’t add to the “wow” factor of the rest. The beginning was disappointing. It doesn’t immediately transport the player to a world of wonder.

You can improve your ability to use the energy around you to enhance your abilities

Players rely heavily on the soundscapes to give them a sense of immersion when a game lacks dialogue or character interaction. This is what OMNO’s audio and foley work does. Although communication is not direct, there is a lot of interaction between the players and their environment. This game is similar to Journey in that it relies on silence to enhance its charming serenity. The characters seem to have a common understanding of one another’s expectations. There doesn’t need be any grand exchange of dialog to do that.



It looks great, but it sometimes struggles to keep up with the extravagant scenery. Multiple times, lag caused immersion to be ruined by a larger critter than the player. It felt strangely intentional that they were so large and could not fit on the Nintendo Switch screen. They were certainly ethereal at first, but once they start causing the entire experience to stop and shudder, it doesn’t feel like they are very friendly. Similar issues could also be caused by entire worlds. Unexpected pauses and lags would occur when you look at a new map in order to determine where you need to go.

The developers have chosen this soundtrack to be the foundation of their first world experience. The game’s soundtrack is undoubtedly beautiful and is a major selling point. The soundtrack will help you navigate in silence. The trailer doesn’t have music, so you won’t find the grand landscapes as captivating without it. It doesn’t feel repetitive and it avoids getting stuck in a loop that becomes boring. Instead, the whole thing feels very relaxed. It all works together to create one package of peace, despite the smooth nature of each world.

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