Many more adventures await if you have beaten the main story in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. The extreme trials, which are eight-player boss battles for supremacy, are not missed. These boss battles may be familiar to you from previous patches.

Now is your chance to jump into the current game. These perilous fights must be learned at the most challenging and freshest time of the expansion’s cycle. Although two wars are currently available, this guide is for Endwalkerextreme. This will include mentioning a key spoiler from the development.

It’s best to skip this section if you haven’t encountered the original trial in the narrative. TABLE OF CONTENTS1 Pre-Prep2) Phase 12.1) Heroes’ Radiance and Shining Saber2.2). Crystalize2.3) Dawn’s Mantle2.4).

Magos’s Radiance and Mousa’s Scorn2.2) Phase 3 (Crystal Phase)4) Phase 2 (Lightwave 1-2.4.1)4.2) Infralateral Arch4.3) Lightwave 2 (Lightwave 4.4) Hero’s Sundering5) Parhelion5.2), Parhelic circle5.3) Parhelic circle5.3) Parhelic Circe6) Lightwave 3.46.2) Lightwave 47).


If you’re still reading, you’ll know that extreme trial two is called “The Minstrel’s Ballad Hydaelyn’s Cal.” This is an advanced version of Mother Crystal’s first fight. It focuses more on the positioning. The minimum item level you should have is 560. It is recommended that you increase your DPS as much as possible before you join a run. Many groups can master the mechanics but still, struggle to beat the boss before the boss enrages everyone. It will make the last moments of the fight less stressful if you have melded with material and eaten before it.

Splitting into two groups of four is another critical step before engaging the boss. Endwalkerextreme Trial 2 is a stacking mechanic that targets the two healers. To make it easier to distinguish healers, each one should be marked with a number marker. For balance, it is recommended that you have one tank per team. For reasons that will become apparent later, I recommend placing melee DPS in group 1. Number markers should be placed on the boss’s left and right sides. Tanks should keep the boss facing north to be as close as possible to her starting position. Don’t worry about what job you should do. You can use any of FFXIV’s jobs.

It would help if you had enough artefact gear and some accessories to complete the story.



This phase will show you the primary attacks Hydaelyn uses against the party during the fight. These attacks are common and should be avoided at all costs. Heroes Radiance and Shining Saber are two examples of such attacks. The first is a global AoE, so make sure your healers are ready. Although the second AoE is similar, it requires that the group stack together to reduce the damage. You will need only the attack name to stack up. There is no stack-up marker.


Crystalize is the next primary mechanic you need to be prepared for. The boss uses this ability to prepare an elemental attack against you. It is essential to know which version she uses and how to move accordingly. The move is associated with three elements: water, ice, and Earth. She will also use another attack, but let’s first explain Crystalize features.

  • Water – Once the previous attack is resolved, this attack will hit both healers. This is why you should split into two groups. To absorb the damage, you must stack up. The healers will die if too many stacks together. All healers will die if they are in close proximity. Floor markers are usually used to indicate the position you’ll be expected to stand before raids. will be able to guarantee Water as her first Crystalize attack.
  • Ice – This attack is also automatically hit after Hydaelyn’s next movement. With an ice attack below, it hits everyone regardless of their position. To avoid any overlap of damage, everyone will need to spread out. This attack is likely to wipe out two players who were too close together.
  • Earth – This move is different from the ice attack. It requires that the group gather together. You must stay close to each other because there is no stack up marker.


These attacks will occur frequently throughout Endwalkerextreme 2 and you will need to be able to remember their safe spots. The area Hydaelyn will attack is indicated by the colour of the symbol above her. It is also Crystalizes immediately after it, so you should consider where you will be standing.

  • Read – This is a doughnut AoE that has a circular safe-space in the boss’s hitbox.
  • Green – A circular AoE that is cast directly below Hydaelyn. To easily avoid her, simply run a few steps away.
  • Blue – A cross-like attack in all four cardinal directions. These lines are often placed diagonally from the boss.

Red – get in close. Green – Move back. Blue – Diagonal safe place.


Next, she’ll hit the group with Magos’s Radiance, which will be yet another group-wide AoE. You should still be fine, although healers should be available to provide quick healing for the party. It is even more important to determine the best position for her next attack. If Hydaelyn uses Aureole, you will need to be either to her right or left. If she casts Lateral Aureole you will need to stand directly north or south from her hitbox.

It was suggested that she face north in order to keep the tanks at her centre. This will make it easier for the group to identify safe spots for each attack. It will make it easier for the tanks to cast Mousa’s Scorn. This is a powerful tank-buster that both tanks must share. She will use all the attacks mentioned above in succession until she casts all three colours.

Her hitbox contains markers for the cardinal directions.


The boss will not be targeted in this next phase. It will instead require players to quickly destroy summoned Crystals of Light. However, there are some tricky issues that could lead to groups wiping out in seconds if they fail.

I would suggest that the group pick one side and place a letter mark on it at the start of the raid. The marker should be placed in either the far east or the far west corner of the arena. Everyone should move to the marker once the crystal phase has begun. Start destroying the crystals as soon as they appear. Target the glowing ones first. Six crystals will be lined up in a circle with three on each side of an arena. They will be charging Hydaelyn faster than the glowing ones, so eliminate them immediately. You can work your way clockwise or anticlockwise depending on which glowing side you are facing. Each player should aim for the same crystal.

This is the place where tanks play a unique role in Extreme trial 2: Two ads will spawn, and they will provide a defence buff to any crystal that is near them. The tanks must lure the ads away and circle around the arena in front of the group. The tanks should be facing northeast if the DPS is southwest. The tanks should rotate in the same direction and keep the ads clear. Healers must remember to keep the tanks alive and to also help to damage crystals. The phase ends with an AoE for the entire group that can be weakened by stacking shields.

Do not forget to place the glowing crystals in anticlockwise or clockwise order.

PHASE 3 (LIGHTWAVE 2 and 1-2)


Halo is the first new attack. This is a simple AoE that will affect everyone in the group. The next major mechanic is the lightwaves. Hydaelyn will summon four lights crystals. Three on each side and one at the other end. The light waves will roll slowly towards the two crystals and Hydaelyn will spawn. The party must determine which crystal is safe and which one will be attacked first. While one wave is faster than the other, both waves cause explosions upon touching the crystals. Players must remain behind the safe crystal to avoid any damage and then position themselves so that they can face the waves. Because the second crystal requires you line-of-sight both, players will need to adjust their positions slightly.


This attack targets a random healer or DPS, and a tank. To avoid them being killed, they must be soaked by multiple people. The fourth crystal is about to be struck by the lightwaves. Players will need to split into three roles groups, one for each crystal. This attack is not signalled by markers, as in Endwalkerextreme 2 It is a matter of muscle memory. It is important to stand so that the cleave strikes don’t overlap and the crystals protect you. This is the most common rule I’ve seen for this mechanic.

  • Crystal 1 – The crystal that you used to avoid two lightwaves is being used by healers. They should therefore stay put.
  • Crystal 2 – This is the middle crystal, which is often assigned to the DPS. To avoid the fourth crystal explosion, move one crystal and then stand behind it.
  • Crystal 3 – Tanks are expected to go as far as possible to hide behind crystal 3. Do not position yourself so that the approaching Infralateral Arch cleaves overlap. Tanks and healers should attempt to have Hydaelyn strike nearly the entire east and west.
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