The Sims 4 is the latest-generation version of The Sims. Fans will agree that the Sims 3 and 4 were better than their predecessors, but The Sims 4 still stands out as a great game. Is it better than its predecessors in certain areas? Let’s see!

There is a lot of debate among The Sims community about which entry is the best. While it is easy to compare games, it cannot be easy to agree on the best title. Many people feel that The Sims 4 is a significant step back from previous games, especially since it was first released in 2014. Sims 3 and 2 had swimming pools and toddlers as standard features. This was their main problem. Although many of these features have been restored thanks to free updates in recent years, was this enough to win back the fans? Although it is possible, many people still love the original three games, even after years of being out and numerous free updates and DLC packages.

Is it fair that we dismiss The Sims 4thought? It is played by millions of people all over the globe. DLC packs, which give us seasons, pets, and universities, are still being released. They also provide free updates that add new content to the game. While some might feel The Sims 4 doesn’t perform as well as its predecessors, there are things it does better. We’ll explore this.


The Sims 4 makes it easy to create Sims. Sliders have been discontinued. Grab your body and push and pull. You can mold and stretch the clay.

Other CAS (Create A Sim) features were introduced in The Sims 4. You can change your Sim’s appearance by giving them braces or crooked teeth. You can have glittery nails for your Sims in different shapes and lengths.

Sims 4 is committed to diversity and inclusion, allowing players to create their avatars in the game. There are many hairstyles to choose from, which cater to all ethnicities. Since the original game, customization has improved a lot. Sims 4 offers a wide range of hair colors and a large variety of skin colors to represent everyone.

There are so many clothes that you can choose from to dress your Sims. One of the best features in The Sims 4’s CSS is that clothing can be broken down into sub-categories. You can choose the sub-category to show you a particular type of clothing, such as skirts or tank tops.

The Sims 3 allows you to create up to three outfits. The fourth game has the same feature, but it is much better. You can make up to five companies per outfit category, and you can do it right away when you first create your Sim.


The Sims 4 is a great title because it makes building buildings easier than previous titles. It was so frustrating when you had to put up walls only to change them later. The Sims 4 saves you the hassle of having to move walls once they’re placed. Select them, and it will allow you to do this. You can also move entire rooms. This can save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. This will enable you to adjust the height of the walls rather than placing two walls on top of one another to achieve the same effect. It also saves money.

Styled rooms is a return to The Sims 3. However, The Sims 4’s version of it is far better. You can use pre-built rooms to style your Sims 4. Any room can be placed, including bathrooms and kitchens. Certain careers can unlock special rooms. If you don’t have the time or skills to build a house, Styled Rooms can save you a lot of time. Styled rooms come with various objects and styles so that you can have either a modern or traditional room. You can choose from multiple color swatches for each Styled Room, which gives you even more options. You can modify a room after it’s been placed. Building homes and other structures are made easier by HTML4.


Understandably, The Sims 4 received mixed reviews when it was first released. It was cartoonier than The Sims 2 or 3. It’s not so bad, though.

The developers could have created The Sims 4 with a more realistic look. Sims could have perfectly rendered animated hair, but they didn’t. They chose a cartoonier look. Wouldn’t it have been great to get a more natural look? However, this would have come with some limitations. High-quality graphics would require computers to work harder, so a high-quality computer is necessary to run such a game. Many people cannot afford a high-end computer. This is what developers thought about when creating The Sims 4. They wanted everyone to have the opportunity to play the game, even those with less powerful or older computers.

Sims 4 is designed to work on older computers.

Although people prefer a more realistic look to cartoonish graphics, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the pictures are poor. Although some of Sims’ hairstyles are slightly bloated, they have an overall more natural look. They are also more fluid in their movements. The Sims 3 shows that while the Sims looked good, something was slightly off with them. They moved a bit stiffly, almost as if they were dolls.

The objects seem very well designed. It’s hard to see anything too blocky in the game, at least not from close up. The Sims 4 uses a cartoony style, but everything still looks real. Beautifully designed worlds include buildings, plants, and roads. You can even see animated elements, like a steamboat trundling along the river or trolley cars running along Willow Creek’s streets. You’ll be amazed at the beauty of parks and other scenic areas. You will also find stunning backdrops like mountains and skyscrapers, as well as sleek skyboxes. The lighting is natural and balanced, which helps. The Sims 4 is a beautiful-looking game.

The Sims 4 looks amazing, even though it is more cartoonish than previous games.


The Sims 3 had an open-world feature that was a major selling point. When you first loaded the game or entered/exited Create a Sim, there were no loading screens. This was a relief after enduring endless loading screens in Sims 2. This made it so much easier to travel between different locations. You can also drive around your neighborhood in cars and watch your Sims go to work. In a Sims game, your Sims and the player have never felt so at ease.

It did have some drawbacks. The game engine had to work hard to handle all the Sims that were not under your control. This is especially problematic when a Sim gets stuck due to routing issues. The game would lag or freeze up. This can be a major frustration for any player of any game.

Other setbacks were also encountered. If your Sims were racing against time to get somewhere, like work, having them travel around the world could be a problem. If they were stuck and couldn’t get there on time, this problem could worsen.

The Sims 4 retains the open-world gameplay… to a certain extent. The Sims 4 has a more open world feel than The Sims and The Sims 2. You could only play one lot at once in those games, with loading screens between moving to other lots. The Sims 4 may not be as open as The Sims 3. The fourth game breaks down worlds into three or four playable open areas. Although this is a significant improvement on the previous two games, it is still a slight step back to The Sims 3.

You will feel less overwhelmed when you focus on one part of the world. It is easy to lose yourself in this vast area. Every area of the world has its unique features and lots to do. Willow Creek is one of two base worlds in The Sims 4. Four neighborhoods have homes and residents. Each community has its unique layout, buildings, and lot sizes. Willow Creek has a commercial area that includes a library and museum, a gym, a lounge, and a playground for children. You can even visit a large park where you can meet Sims, go fishing, or play chess.

The world in which your Sims resides is not the only one they can travel to. You can take your Sims to any planet in the game. This is a significant improvement from previous games. In Sims 3, you could only travel to another world if your Sims made a move; they couldn’t just visit. The Sims 4 allows you to travel wherever you want, without any restrictions.

Performance is the main advantage of a less structured world. Your computer will work less hard to manage more things if you have fewer areas to concentrate on. Plus, with better AI routing in Sims 4, freezing and lagging are virtually non-existent.

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