These Best Strategy Games for PC are here. For a long time, strategy and PC have been inseparable. Since the early days of home computer software, when we were trying to figure out how explosive bananas would behave in Gorillas using QBASIC programming on old IBMs (which was QBASIC programming), we have been planning and taking turns for many decades.

Strategy is both turn-based and real-time. It’s a concept that easily adapts to a personal computer interface’s macros and mouse clicks. This genre has thrived and developed thanks to the PC format tremendously. Our top strategy games have been some of the most memorable gaming experiences. We’ve listed them below.

The Best Strategy Games for PC

We remember the good old times and look back at the top strategy games on PC. Modern hits also bring new ideas to the genre and promise for its continued development. We also see our identity through leadership, treachery, and diplomacy in these games.

There are many strategy games out there, and they are as diverse as snowflakes. This is why we have compiled our top PC strategy games over decades to bring you this list.

Rise of Nations

It would be an understatement to say Brian Reynolds learned something from MicroProse’s time working on Civilization II and Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri. This game is a perfect example of the truth. The rise of Nations was an amalgamation of many elements from the past. It was home to city, population, and resource management games such as Civilization. This is combined with turn-based strategy games such as Risk or real-time strategy in a Total War.

Players can choose to play as one of 18 civilizations in the eight pages of history in Rising of Nations, offering a wide range of conditional and situational options. The game provides lore-friendly units which make sense of what a civilization would look like if it had been there. Each nation can be played at any age. Multiplayer allows players to compete against their friends and challenge them in a comprehensive ranking system.

It would take many games to combine so many ideas into one product. Many games have failed at this task. Rise of Nations is a game that not only successfully combines these ideas but also makes them work extraordinarily well. Rise of Nations will allow you to play with the most innovative concepts in turn-based strategy and real-time planning.


Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

It’s impossible to talk about the top PC strategy games without mentioning one of the most critical moments in the genre’s history. Warcraft III was a lot of things. None of them should be taken lightly. It was both the end of an era and a new one. This was Blizzard’s most significant achievement as a real-time strategy developer. It is, perhaps most importantly, one of the most engaging and entertaining real-time strategy games ever created.

Warcraft III was a chance to meet many of the most notable characters in the franchise’s past as the conflict between the Orcish Horde (human alliance) reached a critical point. We witnessed leaders rise and fall; bonds were formed and destroyed, all the while enjoying a campaign that offered unique maps and units for each faction.

IN MULTIPLAYER, Warcraft III is not as well-known as its sci-fi sister, StarCraft, but that doesn’t mean Warcraft III isn’t still a popular franchise. You have many options and strategies to choose from when creating the best moves for an online match between close friends and unseen enemies. Although Warcraft may be gone forever, Reign of Chaos is still an excellent MMORPG option. Frozen Throne was the perfect way to send off its RTS incarnations.

Total War: Warhammer 2

Both Total Wargamers and Warhammer game fans have something in common. Both had been disappointed by sub-par offerings in past years, so it was not surprising that Creative Assembly decided to take on the Warhammer franchise. Creative Assembly took on the Warhammer universe enthusiastically, harnessing it using the elements of the Total War framework while adding a variety of features that make it distinctive and distinct from the Warhammer. Their first title was a huge success and the sequel followed closely. It improved upon the previous title in nearly every way. Although there will be some who claim the original is better, most of the public agrees that Total War 2 is better.

Warhammer 2 added to the already impressive list of factions in the previous game. It introduced the Tomb Kings, Dark Elves (High Elves), Skaven and Dark Elves) into the fray as playable civilizations. The mechanics were unchanged, with only minor changes to polish, fixing some problems fans had in the previous installment, and improving the game. The game has a very active modding community, with great fan-made content created every day.

Due to the very different ways of each race, Factions behave differently than ever before in Total War games. Greenskins use fast, aggressive tactics, while Dwarves are more concerned with defense. Vampire Counts rely on zombies to shock troops and then unleash a crew. The addition of flying units and heroes further strengthens this strategy. Heroes can be leveled up and equipped in quasi-RPG style fashion. Total WarWarhammer, and Total War have had many flavors, some bitter, but Total War is the perfect marriage of both franchises.

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