What is the current maintenance time for Lost Ark servers?


What is the current maintenance time for Lost Ark servers?

At 12am PST/3am EDT/8am GMT/9am CT, Lost Ark servers have been taken offline due to scheduled downtime. Smilegate has stated on Twitter that this is for “weekly Maintenance and Update.” But how long does the Lost Ark server maintenance last? Let’s see.

Weekly maintenance at Lost Ark

The Lost Ark official twitter profile states that the game’s servers are scheduled to go down on February 24, 2022 for regular scheduled maintenance. According to the official patch notes, the Lost Ark server is down for maintenance. This includes a variety of bug fixes.

  • Royal Crystal refunds shouldn’t be stuck in pending when you use currency Exchange
  • Crystalline Aura should not cause any problems for players.
  • Tier 2 Abyss Trade vendors now available
  • A problem where load screens displayed incorrect translations has been resolved

Some players also received the wrong day 15 reward during the attendance reward event. This reward was meant for players at higher ranks. This reward has been modified to be a reward for a higher-level rapport item. Players who have already claimed the Day 15 item will see their reward replaced with the new reward.

What servers are affected?

A Twitter message confirms that all servers in each region will be unavailable for the update. This means that all countries won’t be able to access Arkesia during the downtime of February 24th.

What time will the Lost Ark servers remain down?

The Lost Ark downtime should last for approximately three hours. It should end by 3am PST/8am EDT/1pm GMT/2pm CET. We’ve seen previous Lost Ark downtime finish earlier so we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

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