The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories has finally arrived after a week’s delay. Many new objects, events, and activities will make your Sims’ day even more special. But does this allow you to have your dream wedding?

Weddings should be joyful. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing two people marry, especially in a beautiful ceremony. The Sims 4 has always featured weddings, but the new Game Pack My Wedding Stories takes it to the next level. There are more options for how to organize the ceremony. Tortosa is a romantic new world that allows Sims to get married, have their honeymoon, or live happily ever after.

Let’s take a look at the new Game Pack to see if it genuinely allows your Sims to have their dream Wedding.


My Wedding Stories doesn’t have a specific storyline. You can create your own stories for your Sims or use pre-made templates. This pack includes a new world with new Sims and their backstories. You can make their stories your own and decide what happens next.

This romantic-themed Game Pack includes Tartosa, an Italian-inspired coastal town you will quickly fall in love with. You’ll find shops, beaches, and parks. There’s even a cobblestone street. In the distance, there are hot air balloons. Unfortunately, these can’t be flown. Tortosa will be a favorite. This surprise was a pleasant one. Tortosa will be a place you’ll return to often to enjoy its tranquility and beautiful views. This is the place for you if you are looking for a peaceful escape.

Tortosa is one of the most popular and well-known selling points of My Wedding Stories.

Tortosa is home to two families, each with its own stories and beautiful homes. You can also see the happy-married couple of the same sex in the area if you watch the announcement trailer for My Wedding Stories. You can also move Sims to unoccupied lots. These are two empty lots, one of which is on the beach. The other two lots are prebuilt homes. These homes aren’t costly. These homes are affordable for even a single starter Sim. You don’t have to worry about starting funds if you want to move a Sim or family member into Tortosa.

What about the other lots. The sole vacation lot allows Sims to go on vacation to Tortosa. Tortosa is ideal for hosting weddings. The lounge venue can be used for receptions or bach parties, and the venue can also be used as the venue for the ceremony. Tortosa is the ideal addition to this Game Pack.

Tortosa’s properties are beautiful and very affordable.


My Wedding Stories is a wedding-themed DLC, and gameplay-content-wise, it doesn’t fail to deliver. This DLC takes weddings up to 11 from The Sims 4 basic game. They are also much more enjoyable to plan.


It’s time for the ball to start rolling once your Sims are engaged. My Wedding Stories’ beauty is that you have the freedom to do what you like with your Sims’ wedding. You can have them tie the knot with no ceremony. You can get married quickly at Tartosa’s city hall, or you can choose to elope anywhere and anytime. There aren’t many events you have to attend. You don’t need to put on an elaborate affair. It doesn’t have to be complicated or low-key. You can do any event they offer. You can skip the planning and have only the ceremony. There is no set schedule that you must follow. Your wedding is yours, so your rules.

There are many options available to you to make your wedding more public. You have complete control over the process. It is also flexible. My Wedding Stories offers you more options than ever to create the perfect wedding for your Sims. There are more wedding gowns to choose from. Blushing brides can now carry bouquets and throw them. A Sim of Honor, a Sim of Honor, a flower pal, and a ring bearer are all available. Sims are passionate about inclusion and catering to all ethnicities. You can now have Chinese and Hindu weddings—TThere’seven items in rainbow colors available for LBGT Sims.

Other than the wedding ceremony, you can have different events.

Multiple wedding-related events can be hosted in addition to the ceremony. This includes rehearsal dinners and beach parties. You can host all of them if you wish, or none at all, depending on what you prefer. You can also choose the activities you want to include in your event for even greater control. You can choose from old and new activities such as giving speeches, making toasts, having a married hug, having tea, cutting the cake and doing the first dance. The exchanging of vows is the main event at any wedding. Another great thing about the events is that they have a time limit. You ddon’tget penalized if you miss any activity. And you can also end the event at any time.


Although planning weddings can be enjoyable, it can be challenging to pull them off, especially if multiple Sims are involved. Getting your Sims together to perform the ceremony is where things can go wrong. My Wedding Stories allows you to give your guests instructions on behaving. You can tell your Sims to dance or to gather around the altar. This ddoesn’twork. Select a command, and… nothing. Sims ddon’trespond. This isn’t very reassuring. It is possible to fix this bug in a patch, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Although iit’snot a significant problem, it would be nice if Sims would do what you asked. This is the one thing you should have control over, and it seems you don’t

Although planning weddings can be fun, it is not easy.

Other issues can also arise. You canteen cut the wedding cake. Your Sim fails to complete this task every time you try it. This is probably due to routing issues. Your Sim can only eat the cake. The other problem is setting a dress code when planning your wedding ceremony. This means that guests can change into formal wear and have the option of wearing a specific color. This ddoesn’twork because everyone arrives at the wedding dressed appropriately.

But iit’snot all bad. My Wedding Stories was created to bring joy to your SSims’weddings. It IIt’swonderful to see your Sims get married after all the hard work and planning. Tortosa provides little extras that make preparing for your Sims big day even more memorable. For example, you can pick out a dress in the shop or buy a bouquet from the stall. IIt’sgreat to see SSims’delighted reactions when they accept the role of Sim of Honor or flower pal. Sims can also be invited to walk down the aisle. You can have the bride and her dad walk down the aisle together. Or, send the flower pal down to scatter petals. The ring bearer can proudly wear the ring. IIt’sthe little details that make it extra special.

SSims’swalk down the aisle at a wedding makes it feel more special.


LLet’sdiscuss one of the new features included in this Game Pack, wedding cakes. My Wedding Stories lets you have proper wedding cakes. There are many options for wedding cakes: tiered cakes and cupcakes and cakes with flowers and cakes with rainbows. You have the opportunity to choose the toppings for your cake. This includes figurines, hearts, and rainbows, as well as flowers. An inscription is a personal touch that can be added to your wedding cake.

Two ways to get a wedding cake are available. You can buy a cake at TTartosa’scake shop, which has a wide selection. If yyou’refeeling adventurous, you can bake your wedding cake. It is possible! IIt’snot easy. You must meet specific requirements before you can create your cakes. To create a masterpiece like this, you need to have the Gourmet Cooking skill. If your Sim has level 5, then level 1 Gourmet Cooking is possible. Although iit’sunfortunate, this is an important point. In real life, creating wedding cakes can be a difficult task.

Making wedding cakes is fun, but it requires Gourmet Cooking skills.

It opens up many possibilities once you can make your wedding cake. There are many other options than just baking your wedding cake. You can even make a living by selling wedding cakes. You can create as many wedding cakes as you wish, decorate them however you want, then sell them at a profit. You can easily open your shop for wedding cakes if you have the Get To Work Extension. Making wedding cakes is fun!

Slow dancing

LLet’stalk about My Wedding Stories and the feature that many fans have been waiting years for slow dancing. Your Sims can now dance together on the dance floor or in their living rooms. This is a sweet, sincere dance that your Sims can do together. Your lovebirds Sims can also dance and can chat while they are dancing. IIt’snot is challenging to get this interaction working. However, your Sims will need to find enough space for it to happen. IIt’snot unusual for them to dance together in the kitchen or outside.

Slow dancing is an excellent addition to this wedding-themed package.


My Wedding Stories has new objects that are primarily designed for weddings. They are well-designed and modeled. Exquisite are the objects with flowers.

Also, TTartosa’sworld has been created with love. The team behind The Sims 4 has done an outstanding job creating their new world. There are many new things to do and see. Tortosa isn’t a replica or recreation of any planet in The Sims 4.

My Wedding Stories lets you host weddings from many different cultures.

IIt’simportant to mention Create-A-Sim. This is a staple in every entry in The Sims. My Wedding Stories is an excellent alternative to the limited selection of formal attire available, especially for weddings. There are so many options for dresses for women, all in different colors and styles. You can be sure that your brides will look stunning in their new gowns, as well their bridesmaids or Sims of Honor. Men can also get new suits and can wear flowers on their lapels. This is somewhat odd for boys. It’s also less available for children, which is slightly disappointing. However, the most recent patch for Sims 4 introduced new swatches for existing base game items. You can also match your wedding party with clothes that have similar colors.

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