ICYMI: All From Today's Hogwarts Legacy Stage of Play

ICYMI: All From Today’s Hogwarts Legacy Stage of Play

ICYMI: All From Today's Hogwarts Legacy Stage of Play

ICYMI: All From Today’s Hogwarts Legacy Stage of Play

Let me be clear with you. This is not a recap Hogwarts Legacy. It’s WB Games’ latest attempt to apply their Portkey Initiative in making more wizarding-world games. After much discussion, I and the other Fanbyte staff decided not to participate in the game’s marketing. While we understand that this is a decision teams and individuals should make, it also has repercussions beyond the truly vile J.K. Rowling, but we are at least trying to stay out of the pre-release hype for the game.

This is not a way to take sides in a discussion; there is no such thing. Rowling’s sentiments, statements, public campaigning, and actions are morally and morally objectionable. There is no right or wrong side in whether trans people deserve equal rights and protection, and whether trans children should be protected. It is not a virtue to separate art from the artist. It is a sign of your ability to shut your eyes and ignore any real harm that a living, beneficial person suffers because you are silent and compliant.

Rowling might not be part of the active development team, but Rowling continues to reap the benefits of the IP’s existence and profits in tangible, visible ways. It may never end, but we don’t have to stop contributing to its survival.

Instead, we will give away a vinyl of Celeste (the giveaway will be its own post later), and provide a number of links to trans charities including those fighting against the ghoulish Texas efforts to endanger transgender youth. These charities will also receive a donation from me.

Personally, I don’t care about what games you play or how you interact with them. I’m not here to tell anyone not to buy or to demand that anything be banned. If you are still angry by this, don’t worry.

Charity Ideas

Equality Texas – Support network for parents and guardians of trans youths in Texas.

TransTexas – An education network that promotes diversity in Texas and stops discrimination against the most vulnerable.

TransLifeline – A grassroots organization that helps trans people in crisis. It provides legal, emotional, and financial support.

It’s great to give a little bit of your money to help others. While it doesn’t mean that you have to support every cause, being an ally does not mean you have to stop and consider what your principles are. Empathy is your guide to these situations. It’s not about personal enrichment. But how you chart this ultimately comes down entirely to you.

ICYMI: All From Today’s Hogwarts Legacy Stage of Play
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