Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave

Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave

Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave

Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave

Sledgehammer Games has made Vanguard multiplayer glitch-free thanks to their efforts. Although some players may display their hacks in competitive matches, there are very few chances of running into a game-breaking problem.

Players are continuing to master the Nikita AVT assault rifle as well as the M1916 marksman rifle. However, some problems are beginning to surface much to the dismay of players.

This issue is the latest to be published. It involves a strange visual bug that transforms maps into brightly coloured arenas, making it difficult to spot potential opponents and navigate them. These colours would look great in a nightclub.

Vanguard Neon Vision Glitch

The small size of the Dome can cause chaos, but not enough to disorient players trying to win the match. Reddit user McGitGud shows how bright colours have transformed the map after spawning under the balcony. This makes it difficult to see any action.

The glitch causes the player to continue playing despite it. However, after a few seconds, the flashing lights become too much for him to handle. The flashing lights make the clip not suitable for epilepsy sufferers. Click here to see the video.

Vanguard Neon Glitch Fix

There are no known workarounds to the bright colours affecting matches. Some gamers suggest that the glitch be fixed by reinstalling the game. However, this is not a guarantee.

Even though some Vanguard maps don’t have a wide range of colours, this glitch is extremely rare. It is likely that Sledgehammer Games has already begun working on a solution as it was affecting players in the first stages of Season 3.

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Strange Visual Bug Transforms Vanguard Into Rave
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