Bizarre Rant: God Of War Creator: Xbox "Sucks"

Bizarre Rant: God Of War Creator: Xbox “Sucks”

Bizarre Rant: God Of War Creator: Xbox "Sucks"

Bizarre Rant: God Of War Creator: Xbox “Sucks”

Two of the most anticipated Xbox console exclusives, Starfield, and Redfall, were pushed back to 2023 last week.


According to insider information, Starfield‘s delay shouldn’t be a surprise. One ex-Bethesda developer was dismantling the engine and flying mechanics last month. Given that the original release was in November, it’s not surprising it was delayed.

Shigeru Miyamoto’s famous “a delayed but not always good” quote can be brought up as often as you want, but it won’t stop people from feeling angry or disappointed.

David Jaffe, the God Of War series creator, is one of them. ComicBook reported that he took to his YouTube channel recently to share his thoughts about the delays and the current state of Xbox.

It’s Bethesda. I also know that these seeds were planted long before Microsoft acquired them. But it still falls in Phil Spencer and his teams. He said he believed they were being paid insane amounts by someone to fall and then intentionally f**k up. “I love my Xbox, and I love Game Pass, but this is ridiculous.”

Jaffe called Spencer a “visionary” and said he loved “his vision” for Game Pass. However, Jaffe also stated that Microsoft Gaming CEO Steve Jaffe “sucks” at managing the development process and that he should hire someone to supervise the games. At the same time, he continues to develop Xbox as a platform.

He continued, “You’re so close Phil Spencer.” Your plan is sound, and your infrastructure is beneficial when it comes to these Studios is tough, but it’s not possible to manage. It’s impossible!


Jaffe is no longer working on the God of War series, by the way. However, the whole thing was still quite wild. This also doesn’t change anything about the delays. We still have a long way to go before finally playing Starfield or Redfall.

Bizarre Rant: God Of War Creator: Xbox “Sucks”
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