Sea of Thieves introduces new adventures that will forever change the game

Sea of Thieves introduces new adventures that will forever change the game

Sea of Thieves introduces new adventures that will forever change the game


Sea of Thieves will introduce a new adventure that continues the story of the Veil of The Ancients’ aftermath. The Golden Sands Outpost might be lost forever, and it is up the pirates from the seven seas that it is protected. As part of the update, players will be able take part in rebuilding the Golden Sands.

Players can now participate in the Lost Sands Adventure

Merrick, along with other pirates, has returned to Golden Sands as a leader in the rebuilding efforts. In the shadows of the Outpost’s islands, strange figures have been seen.

To begin the Adventure, players can speak with Larina. She will help them join the global community effort. The fate of Golden Sands Outpost’s future is up to the players. As part of the content update, players can choose to follow either the Hunters or Servants.

Soulflame Rowboats are now available in the game


Pirates will find Soulflame Rowboats emerging from the oceans during the new adventure. These Soulflame Rowboats were created by The Reaper’s Bones to create a disturbance in the seven seas. The Soulflame Rowboats are equipped with a reinforced explosive container that can be attached to the back. This allows pirates to light the fuse and reach their target before it explodes. Although the keg is resistant against small arms fire, repeated attacks can cause it to explode.

Server Performance Issues with the New Update

Some players may experience ping spikes randomly while playing. This could cause rubberbanding and client stutters. Update has made improvements, but the dev team is still aware of the problem and will work to improve future updates. In the next few weeks, a patch will be available to fix the problem in an update.

You will be able to encounter these world events more often as part of the update. This update also improves interactions with the Ritual Skull and Flames of Fate, when you launch the Fort of the Damned.

To see all of the patch notes for the new update, read the official post from Rare . For more information about the Community Day of Sea of Thieves visit our coverage .

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