Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X REVIEW - Nazi Nut Shot Simulator 5

Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X REVIEW – Nazi Nut Shot Simulator 5

Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X REVIEW - Nazi Nut Shot Simulator 5

Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X REVIEW – Nazi Nut Shot Simulator 5

Elite 5 demonstrates very early that you are and not an elite spyder. You have no chance of quiet infiltration. Instead, you will take every opportunity to shoot a Nazi in the balls 100m away. The gun’s sound will alert everyone nearby. You won’t be disappointed though as the game will reward you with slow-motion kill cam footage of said Nazi’s plumsexploding as their bullet passes through them.

Rebellion’s latest instalment in the long-running series may not be the most intelligent, but Sniper Elite 5 is certainly a lot of fun. This British developer is well-known for making “meat and potatoes” games. These games aren’t flashy or break the mould of what it means for a videogame to be, but they are always enjoyable. Sniper Elite 5 perfectly fits this description, with the only problem being a multitude of bugs that hinder the experience.

The Sniper Elite series is about Karl Fairburne, who travels across Europe and Africa during World War 2. He has to stop hidden Nazi plans and operations that could threaten the balance. The fifth game sees Karl travel to France in order to defeat Operation Kraken, its leader, and take him along. Sniper Elite 5 regards the story as a means to an ending. It’s a way to get you to every sandbox to kill some Nazis.

Sniper Elite’s gameplay loop has one of its greatest strengths: how adaptable it can be. While stealth games can sometimes feel difficult to penetrate, their stealth version can make it impossible to see an enemy and result in you being caught. However, being detected by Sniper Elite is often only a part. The game’s fun part is how you deal with it. Sniper Elite 5 offers more options than others.

You could be all guns blazing and Karl has the weapons to do that. But there are plenty of other options for subterfuges. You could use a dead body as bait to attract other guards or even set up an explosive device to booby trap it in order to eliminate a few Nazis. You can even retreat and wait for the heat to subside before trying again. It’s basically a stealth game, with all the trappings fans would love. However, there’s enough action bombast for people who don’t like stealth games.

Sniper Elite 5 can be set to any difficulty level you wish. This is useful for those who struggle to stealth play without being noticed by all guards. You can also use the difficulty to snipe, which takes into account bullet drop, wind speed, and no aiming aid. You can turn off all of that and still enjoy the game.

Each level has a set of main and secondary objectives. However, you can explore the levels and complete tasks in any order that you choose. This means that one person’s playthrough of a map may be totally different from another. One player could have set off a chain reaction that led to the alarm being triggered at one base. This would cause another base to move in and another player might be able to sneak around the back.

Levels are composed of open areas, vantage points and enclosed areas that allow for more hands-on stealth. You can see how to stab a Nazi and hide them in a box. Sniper Elite may have too many areas within reach for some players, but clearing an area to make it possible to use a vantage point makes every sniper shot that you land even more delicious.


Sniper Elite 5 Xbox Series X REVIEW – Nazi Nut Shot Simulator 5
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