Is Genshin Impact still available?

Is Genshin Impact still available?

Is Genshin Impact still available?

Is Genshin Impact still available?

Today’s DDoS attack (Distributed Deny of Service) took down Web site Cloudflare’s hosting. The attack affected many popular websites and services, including the VoIP service discord, Parcelforce’s delivery tracker, and servers for Valorant. The attack is now affecting Genshin Impact, the ARPG money-making tour de-force. Genshin Impact has been affected by the same DDoS attack as everyone else.

Genshin Impact is down. Here’s what we know.

Genshin Impact, released in 2020, has been a great success and has brought in an estimated $4B revenue for miHoYo. WePC has covered Genshin Impact a lot, so we know how popular it is. We also know why Genshin Impact is down. Huge. It is massive.

Although it is not clear where the DDoS came from, we know that Cloudflare is the most common factor. Cloudflare hosts many websites and gives access to services such as Discord and news outlets. We did experience an error message, but it was quickly fixed by turning it back on and restarting the server. Although we don’t know how many services were affected, it will likely be in the thousands. It’s difficult to quantify Cloudflare’s size, but DDoS attacks can impact any site, regardless of size.

What is a DDoS attack? What did it do to Genshin Impact?

DDoS, also known as overloading a server (in this case, a web server), is an old method of making a service unavailable to normal users.

DDoS attacks are simple to execute. The target server is sent thousands, sometimes even millions, of extraneous requests. The server cannot distinguish between genuine and fake requests, so it becomes overwhelmed by many demands. It is unable to process legitimate requests. The website is effectively inaccessible to normal users.

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The Genshin Impact servers should reopen soon, we hope. Please look at our pages when the servers are back up and running.


Is Genshin Impact still available?
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