Ranking the Gears Of War Games from Worst to Best

Ranking the Gears Of War Games from Worst to Best

Ranking the Gears Of War Games from Worst to Best

Ranking the Gears Of War Games from Worst to Best

The Gears of War franchise has been a crown jewel in Xbox’s Xbox 360 release lineup since its inception. Although the first game felt like it launched a new wave of third-person shooters, the series has maintained a high quality over the past decade and a quarter of a century.

Gears have had tie-in novels, and Dave Bautista, actor/wrestler, has expressed his desire to portray Marcus Fenix in a live-action movie. There have been some mistakes in the series’ history ( such as not making a movie alongside Big Dave), and some games have aged more slowly than others. We’re ranking the top Gears of War so you can choose which games to play. This is a list of all Gears of War games, ranked from worst to most.

Gears Pop! Gears Pop! is the only Gears of War title classified as delisted or defunct. It was a homage to the mobile strategy game Clash Royale but with Funko Pop-inspired Gears of War, characters fighting.

Gears Pop! was a great idea. It was a smart idea, and Microsoft attempted to take over the lucrative mobile gaming market. Unfortunately, Gears Pop! Gears Pop! was a frustrating game that made it difficult to unlock new characters or units without spending your own money. It is hard to recommend.

Its only legacy is a footnote in an otherwise excellent and entertaining series.

The cruel and unforgiving nature of time can make almost anything worse, but the Gears series has no greater victim than its original game. The legacy of the original Gears of War game is undisputed. This includes the iconic advert featuring Mad World, tight cover-based shooting and the fact that every subsequent game was as grey and brown.


Gears of War is low on this list because it has grown and evolved over the years, adding new features, improving the gameplay, and generally improving what it means to play a Gears of War title. While the original game is still playable today, it is not as good as some shooters. However, the rust is evident.

Gears of War4 was the first Gears of War title after Epic Games gave the series to The Coalition. It had a lot of hype, but it didn’t live up to it. Received a cold reception for its fourth mainline title. This was due to a lacklustre campaign and some strange design choices regarding levelling up your Horde characters.

Gears of War 4 is more valuable as a foundation for Gears 5 because it allows you to spend time getting to know the characters that will be leading the franchise forward. Gears 5 would not have been as memorable without that time. However, Gears of War 4 feels too detached from the franchise’s characters, and only in the last stretch does it feel at home.

The reason the Swarm exists is also a little strange. A new enemy would have been far preferable to “mutated Locusts with Crystals”.

People Can Fly’s name was placed on shooters in the early 2010s. This was a great way to make sure that shooters were well-appreciated. Look at Bulletstorm. Gears of War: Judgment saw Epic turn over development duties to People Can Fly, focusing on a prequel that featured the witty and witty Damon Baird, Delta Squad’s acerbic leader. The game is fun but not Gears-like.

Damon Baird is court-martialed in the main story for his involvement in certain events during the Locust War. However, this story is secondary to the gameplay, which has a more arcadey feel than other Gears games. You’ll receive challenges at certain points that you can complete to earn stars and unlock rewards. This is a new direction, but it’s quite fun.

A bonus act fills the gap between Gears of War 3 and Gears of War 3. It plays more like traditional Gears. Although Judgment isn’t the best in the series, it’s a solid and reliable pick.

Ranking the Gears Of War Games from Worst to Best
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