Best Fortnite Creative Parkour Maps & Codes August 2022

Best Fortnite Creative Parkour Maps & Codes August 2022

Best Fortnite Creative Parkour Maps & Codes August 2022

Best Fortnite Creative Parkour Maps & Codes August 2022

Fortnite is always a new and exciting place to be, so its fans will never grow bored. The popular Battle Royale extravaganza that features 100 players is much more than the Battle Royale action. Fortnite Creative, launched in 2018, has added new features to the game. These include some of the most innovative Fortnite Creative parkour codes and maps.

Gamers can use map codes to test maps created by other players, such as fun and unique parkour courses. Parkour courses are similar to deathrun maps, requiring players to do daring jumps to finish.

These are the top Fortnite Creative parkour courses, from easy courses to practice to more challenging courses that will test your parkour skills and the Creative codes required to play them.

Infinite Parkour

Infinite Parkour is a creation of MackJackTwitch. It’s a great map. This map features one of the most innovative Fortnite Creative concepts to date.

To be the last person standing at the end of the parkour course, you must compete against other players. Players will never know what to expect as the course is random.

At the start of each round, a random selection of parkour courses is chosen. Each course must be completed by the players climbing to the top. The goal is for them to complete each one quickly, as the rising lava can cause serious damage.

As you play, coins are given to you as a reward. These coins can be used to purchase advantages or disadvantages for their opponents. Fortnite’s parkour map is great for anyone who wants to play a fun and competitive game.

Easy Rainbow Funrun

Julius has created a colorful course called Easy Rainbow Funrun. It is not difficult, and it is easy to master.

Players can use this code if they want to enjoy a casual parkour course and spend time gaming with friends. This parkour map is best enjoyed with friends.

This map is not meant to be focused like some more challenging parkour courses. This course is for you and your friends to have a fun and easy time.

This Fortnite Creative map feels more like a creatively-designed rollercoaster than an extreme parkour course. This map is best enjoyed with your gaming friends and has good vibes.

Parkour Skill’s Deathrun

Parkour Skill’s Deathrun was created by ChaseJackman and is not like the previous parkour map. Because of the beautiful atmosphere it creates, it was previously called Beauty Deathrun.

Name changes were made to confirm what map fans already knew: The map’s aesthetics weren’t the only amazing thing about this parkour course. Parkour Skill’s Deathrun is found in the Discovery tab. This is due to the amazing design of the map’s levels and parkour placement.


You can test your jumping skills while being surrounded by beautiful scenery. You won’t get bored on the map because new levels are added weekly.

FFA Parkour Wars

FFA parkour wars! Echo created it. Although it may not be the most elaborate Fortnite Creative parkour map, it is incredibly enjoyable to play.

This course is fun and easy to have fun with your gaming buddies. This course is great to warm up before you go into a Battle Royale match.

Although the parkour course is very short, the challenge lies in ensuring you get to the finish line first. Although this may sound obvious, there is a catch: the first person to complete the parkour course receives access to various weapons.

To distract and taunt the players who finished first, the player who finished first can use the weapons to disorient them as they try to complete the course. This is a great way to remind them who won.

This map can hold 16 players. It is a great party map for running through quickly with your friends.

Ruination City Slide Parkour

Ruination city Slide Parkour was the first of its type and was created by Rozaysev. Fortnite introduced a sliding mechanic in Chapter 3 during Season 1. This parkour map is the first to use the slide as a parkour mechanic and is the first Fortnite Creative map.

Players must use opportunistic jumps and speed-boosting slides to get to the most difficult spots on the course. Ruination City Slide Parkour is hard from the beginning and requires no adaptation. This parkour course is not for beginners.

This parkour map is unique and will inspire other parkour creators to use the slide mechanic when creating their courses. The map description simply asks, “Can you escape from the ruin?” This map is a great way to test yourself.

12th Hour’s Skyline Parkour

We also have the 12th hour’s Skyline Parkour by 12ths. This Fortnite Creative map is a must-have for anyone who has played Mirror’s Edge.

Players must figure out the fastest way to move through the parkour course. This will require them to avoid gunfire from guards.

It would help if you were fast enough to avoid bullets and skilled enough for the parkour course. This map features an open-world layout with a busy urbanscape setting. This map is unique and fun, and it is one of the best Fortnite Creative parkour maps.

Best Fortnite Creative Parkour Maps & Codes August 2022
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