Nether Portal in Minecraft Guide (August 2022)

Nether Portal in Minecraft Guide (August 2022)

Nether Portal is the only thing connecting the Overworld to the Nether Dimension, and we have figured out how to create one for you!

Nether Portal

Nether Portal is an interdimensional portal connecting the Overworld Dimension to the Nether Dimension constructed by players. When you build a Nether Portal in the Overworld Dimension, it connects to the same coordinates in the Nether World and vice versa.

Required Material

As amazing as the Nether Portal is, surprisingly, it only requires a single material, and that is Obsidian

How to get the Required Material

Nether Portal is based on the sole material of Obsidian and to make the smallest functioning portal. You will need 10 blocks of it. You can choose to make a bigger portal if you wish. The only prerequisite is to have enough Obsidian.

Obsidian is formed when lava touches the source blocks. Or flowing water, and once it is formed, it can be mined only using the Diamond Pickaxe.

One other place where Obsidian can be found is in the End, and you will find enormous pillars of Obsidian which are generated automatically if you return and get more Obsidian.


How to Build The Nether Portal

Once you have enough Obsidian, you can start building the portal

Step 1

Nether Portal can only be created in a rectangle shape; therefore, even the smallest portal requires 4×5 blocks of Obsidian. You can choose to ditch the corner blocks since it serves no function.

Step 2

Once you have constructed the portal, all that is left for you to do is to power up the portal. You can power the Nether Portal by connecting/contacting it with fire.

The most common way to light it up is by crafting a Lint and Steel or Fire Charge. A Flint and Steel is the easiest method, and you can craft it using Flint and Iron Ingot.

Suppose you decide to go for the Fire Charge. Then you can craft it using Blaze Powder, Gunpowder, Coal, or Charcoal.

Both can be crafted in the inventory, saving you the trouble of crafting a table, so it’s all up to you.

Changing Location of the Portal

The portal coordinates are almost identical except for the ratio difference of one-eighth, meaning if the coordinates in the Overworld are (40. 80), then the coordinates in the Nether will be one-eighth of it (5, 10).

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