Minecraft Enchantments Guide (August 2022)

Minecraft Enchantments Guide (August 2022)

Enchantment in the World of Minecraft is essential if you want to explore every dangerous point the world offers.

But what exactly in enchantment? Enchantment is when you kind of upgrade an item and get special buffs or perks that help you by providing extra experience, attack power or absolute defence.

Minecraft offers several enchantments for the same equipment, and finding the sweet spot is time-consuming, but you don’t have to worry about that.

If you are looking for the best enchantment that the world of Minecraft has, then you are at the right place because we have done the most time-consuming part of figuring out which enchantment is best for the equipment you have.

Why are enchantments important in the world of Minecraft?

The world of Minecraft offers adventures of all sorts, and some of them are just impossible to clear if you do not have any buffs, and that’s where the enchantments come in by providing you special bonuses and perks by enchanting the equipment that you are using and making the impossible barely possible

Best Minecraft Enchantments

The Enchantments we have compiled for you apply to every piece of equipment you can use, consisting of all sorts of tools, weapons, and armours.

Best Enchantments are listed below:

  1. Mending: When going out to explore, exhausting your gear’s durability is the last thing you’ll need, and that’s where Mending comes in. Its prime purpose of the use is to recover durability by utilizing the experience you get from the mob.
  2. Unbreaking: The most common enchantment used alongside Mending is Unbreaking for good reasons. Enchanting your gear with Unbreaking is extremely beneficial because it acts as a protective layer on the gear and does not durability drop by even a single point.
  3. Protection: This is the go-to enchantment for your defensive equipment, which can give e you four additional points of armour for each piece you decide to enchant. If you decide to enchant equipment with Protection four times, it can drastically decrease the damage you receive.
  4. Thorns: This is the best enchantment you can think of doing in a PVP situation. Enchanting your equipment with Thorns, you get thorns around your body which can make any player think a hundred times before deciding to hit you with a melee attack.
  5. Sharpness/Smite: This enchantment is best suited for Swords; by enchanting your sword with Smite five times, your melee damage is increased drastically, and we have dubbed it the Best Sword Enchantment In Minecraft.
  6. Fire Aspect: With this enchantment, you can put yourself on fire, which increases your attack power, but if you decide to power it up more, you can damage the other players just by standing near them.
  7. Quick Charge: There is no better enchantment for bows than the Quick Charge; this enchantment can drastically reduce the time you charge your bow, saving you precious time and increasing your fire rate and range.
  8. Impaling: The Best Enchantment On The Ocean. This enchantment allows you to deal significantly more damage to aquatic creatures and helps you conquer the Ocean.
  9. Riptide: This enchantment allows you to teleport under some conditions, such as being in the water or rain. Or snow. This is best if you’re travelling long distances or escaping from someone.
  10. Lure: The World of Minecraft is enormous, and you need to survive to do that; food is essential, which is why Lure made it on the list. With Lure, you can save a significant amount of time by catching fish quickly.



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