Enabling Voice Chat In Roblox: Guide (August 2022)

Enabling Voice Chat In Roblox: Guide (August 2022)

Voice Chat has finally made its debut in Roblox. Roblox released voice chat in the November update of 2021.

Keeping security in mind, Roblox enabled voice chat for every player over the age of 13 with the age verification feature introduced in the February update.

If you want to turn on the voice chat feature, then you are at the right place because we have created this guide for you.


Step 1

Roblox’s player base consists of all ages, but the majority are over the age of 13, which is why it’s no biggie. This age limit feature is implemented considering the child’s safety.

The process of verifying your age is taken seriously by Roblox. You can verify yourself by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Launch the Roblox app on your phone
  • Go to Settings
  • Click Account Info
  • Click Verify Age, and a camera pop-up will pop up
  • Scan your ID/Driver’s license or passport with it
  • Click a Live Selfie

As we’ve told you before, Roblox is quite serious about this voice chat feature only being accessed by players over the age of 13, and that’s why it requires legit proof of your identity and a live picture to ensure you are who you say to be.

You can not select a picture from your gallery to tackle the chances of cheating.

Step 2

Once your age has been verified, all that’s left to do is to launch the game and visit settings. You can toggle on and off the voice chat feature anytime now.


There are no official rules yet on voice chat, and surprisingly, swearing does not warrant any punishment or censoring by Roblox, but we all know it will not last for long.

Is Voice Chat usable in every Roblox experience?

Unfortunately, since the feature is still quite new, not every game has managed to integrate the voice chat feature into it, but it’s all up to the game developer. The Game developer can choose to integrate voice chat in their games with no additional complication or problem.




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