Prop Hunt Codes For Fortnite (August 2022) – Best Prop Hunt Maps!

Prop Hunt Codes For Fortnite (August 2022) – Best Prop Hunt Maps!

Prop Hunt is one of the most famous and oldest hides and seeks games you can find in  Fortnite.

It follows the basic principles of hiding and seeking but with a creative twist in prop hunt, and you have the ability to transform this guy yourself into an item to avoid getting detected by the players Or if you are feeling brave enough, you can choose to look for these hiding players

this game may sound simple, but you need to be a keen observer to have fun in this game. this game is fun to begin with, but when you pair it with your friends, it just reaches another level

we have compiled a list of one of the few best Fortnite prop hunt maps that you can find right now

Best Fortnite Prop Hunt Maps

Water Park Prop Hunt

Water Park Prop Hunt Map Code: 0139-3586-5803

if you’re looking to steam off some heat, then the water park prop and map is just the place for you can join this map alongside your friends and steam off the heat by playing in this amazing water park

Toy Store Prop Hunt

Toy Store Prop Hunt Code: 8760-1807-7616


Toy Story prop hunt mandates were first developed in 2019, and it still is one of the best prop hunt games you can find on Fortnite. This game is a blast classic and in the prop hunt category. In Toy Store Prop Hunt, you play on the map of a toy store where you can hide from your friends by disguising yourself as the toys in the store. You may think being in a toy store and having so many toys to choose from in this game must be a nightmare for the people trying to catch you, but this map provides them with several tools that can help them out.

Carnival Prop Hunt

Carnival Prop Hunt Map Code: 3119-6798-1923

One of the best things about the summer is Carnivals, and now you can choose to play prop hunts in the carnival where there are endless opportunities for disguising and catching your friends.

Prop Hunt: Tidal Wave

Prop Hunt: Tidal Wave Map Code: 8312-0054-3731

Tidal Wave is one of the best vacation points you can think of in Fortnite, and who would say no to a prop hunt in vacation time? This map covers everything you would expect from a vacation point, be it tropical houses or tidal waves, for the thrill.

Prop Hunt With Abilities

Prop Hunt With Abilities Map Code: 9249-3264-0093

Are you missing the countryside, the memories you had of playing hide and seek with your friends on the farm? Then look no more because Prop Hunt With Abilities brings the countryside to you with special abilities to disguise yourself as the tools present on the farm.

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