Cookie Run Kingdom Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build – Guide

Cookie Run Kingdom Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build - Guide

Our Dark Choco Cookie Toppers build includes the most beautiful Dark Choco Cookie toppings.
Continue reading for a Dark Choco Cookie Build with Toppings!


Dark Choco Cookie build for toppings;

X5 Solid Almond Topping(Recommended)
X5 Searing Raspberry Topping
X3 Searing Raspberry Topping,
X2 Bouncy Caramel Topping
X5 Juicy Apple Jelly Topping

In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the optimal Dark Choco Cookie Toppings build set would be x5 Solid Almond Topping, which offers DMG resistance to Dark Choco, a front-line unit. Dark Choco will be able to endure longer and absorb more DMG when leading from the front, thanks to this build.


Build Dark Choco Cookie Toppings: Skill Information

Dark Choco slashes the ground with his massive sword, causing chain lightning to attack the adversaries.
Those hit by this black lightning take a lot of damage and have a weaker defense.


Dark Choco Cookie Toppings Build: Skill Info⇓

Dark Choco strikes the ground with his great sword, inflicting chain lightning upon the enemies. Those unfortunate affected by this dark lightning suffer from significant damage and lowered Defense.
13-second base CD
Damage dealt: 316.6% (+3.4% DMG per level)
Duration: -20.0% DEF for 7.0 sec


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