How to Fish In Lave In Terraria: Guide (September 2022)

How to Fish In Lave In Terraria: Guide (September 2022)

If you want to branch out with your fishing in Terraria, you’re probably wondering what you’ll need to fish in lava! This style of fishing has been substantially improved in the new 1.4 Journey’s End update, so make sure you use this odd talent.

Fishing in Lava in Terraria

To fish in Terraria’s lava, you’ll need a special fishing rod and hook or some animals that can resist being tossed into the scorching magma. Below, we’ll look at all these alternatives and how to access them.


Fishing Rod

Choosing a fishing rod that can endure the hot liquid is essential. You should choose the Hotline Fishing Hook fishing pole. This pole may only be earned from the Angler in Hardmode after completing 25 tasks. Because it has a 1/150 chance of being gained, you will most likely need to accomplish many missions.


Fishing Hook

The Lavaproof Fishing Hook is a new item in an Obsidian or Hellstone Crate. The issue is that you must be able to fish in lava to obtain one of these crates! So, the Hotline Fishing Hook pole or the critter approach will be required. The good news is that you can use any fishing pole for fishing in lava, so you won’t have to complete all of those tasks. Once you have one of them, you won’t need to bother capturing lava creatures because they are incredibly uncommon.



The first step in catching lava animals is to get the Guide To Critter Companionship. While this item is in your inventory, it disables you from causing harm to creatures. This is available from the Zoologist. You don’t want to kill them because they seldom spawn in the Underworld accidentally. They could get caught in the crossfire if you have a summoned minion or you’re battling stuff.



You’ll be looking for the following critters:

  • Lavafly
  • Magma Snail
  • Hell Butterfly

To catch these little buggers, you’ll need a Lavaproof Bug Net. A standard Bug Net and 15 Hellstone Bars are required to make one of these.

You may connect these animals to any fishing pole, allowing them to fish in lava. Remember that the lower the rank of the pole you use, the slower the fishing will be. Because these bugs have a low bait power, capturing creatures will take some time.

Lava Pools

Once you’ve decided on your lava fishing tactics, you’ll need a decent pool of it. This does not have to be far down; if you’re creative enough, you may build a pool near your base. However, if you lack this talent, you must make a deep enough choice.


What Can I Catch in Lava?

There are three sorts of fish to catch: flare in koi, obsidians, and obsidian swordfish (hard mode). The Obsidifish may be used to make Inferno Potions and Return Potions. To make an Inferno Potion, you’ll also need a Flarefin Koi. The Obsidian Swordfish is a weapon with one of the second-highest elemental damage of any spear. It can only be caught if one of the lava critter baits mentioned above is used.

You can acquire a Lava Absorbent Sponge if you’re lucky enough. Crates are another object you may grab in the lava! You may catch the Obsidian Crate in regular mode and the Hellstone Crate in hard mode.


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