The Best Games for Genshin Impact Fans
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The Best Games for Genshin Impact Fans

The Best Games for Genshin Impact Fans

The Best Games for Genshin Impact Fans

Genshin Impact has quickly gained popularity among players. Like with Vave sport betting live, you want to return to it again and again, all thanks to the huge amount of interesting content and fascinating atmosphere. But everything comes to an end, and after a few tens of hours the game can get boring. These games can awaken the same emotions as the world from miHoYo.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This role-playing action game is sure to please fans of Genshin Impact – get ready to dive into a massive open-world adventure. A brutal war rages in Aionios between two artificially created races, where any soldier doesn’t live over 10 years. Both sides have their own advantages: one has developed mechanical technology and fights with fighting machines, while the other has been able to gain access to magic, allowing them to create unique mobile and lightweight weapons.

The game has six heroes and three main classes (healer, warrior and defender), which are later divided into 23 subclasses (opened as you progress through the game). Your choice and leveling up depend entirely on the skills and techniques used in combat. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 also boasts an interesting storyline accompanied by spectacular cutscenes in the cool anime style.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is a good choice for players who respect science fiction and mysticism. Earth has been invaded by uninvited guests – the Otherworlders, mutants without intelligence. Conventional weapons do not help against them, so humanity had to look for another way out. And it found it. Scientists have discovered the psionic hormone, which reveals the unique abilities of people. You become one of them and get into a squad to suppress danger. Use your psychokinetic abilities as you fight your enemies, break down your surroundings, hurl objects and create combat combinations.

Explore the futuristic town and solve all the mysteries. Several partners will help you on your journey. Combine their forces, pump up their skills and deliver devastating blows to your enemies. The combat system is of special quality: you have no idea how exciting it is to break the environment and hurl various objects.


Fenyx Rising. Limited Edition

Get ready to dive into Greek mythology. We play as Fenyx, a guy who survived a shipwreck and found himself on the Golden Island. The player will have to explore a large open world and take part in a battle of the gods. According to the story Tiphon escaped from his imprisonment, taking with him the divine powers, and now only Phoenix is able to resist him.

There are various puzzles, riddles, dungeons, and a variety of bosses. A colorful and fairly detailed world, divided into seven locations, awaits the gamer. Explore new regions for a winged demigod capable of moving not only on the ground, but also soar through the air like a phoenix. You will face a crushing titan and the main threat of all the ancient Greek gods – Typhon. To defeat him, you will have to overcome a long way, fighting with other mythical monsters. Use your abilities, upgrade your skills, get epic gear, explore a huge colorful world, get to know the stories of the characters and follow your destiny.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

Skyward Sword HD is an amalgamation of all the classic parts of the series, but only in 3D. The game resembles Genshin Impact with its vibrant gameplay design and open world, divided into four differently styled and landscaped regions. Explore dungeons, seek out upgraded gear, complete side quests, and fight various bosses. The combat system in Legend of Zelda is one of the game’s main features. Each opponent requires a specific approach, so don’t think that simply “hammering” will help.

The detailed environment is noteworthy: just look at the huge locations with puzzles. These are the real challenges for the player, which will allow a good distraction from the main plot.

The project will appeal to fans of the series because a lot is allocated here to get acquainted with the game characters. It’s better to play the HD version – with improved optimization, elaborated sound and better image quality.

The Best Games for Genshin Impact Fans
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