Perfect Tactical Games to Try This Evening

Tactical games used to be a popular genre. Players eagerly destroyed bases in Red Alert, captured mines in the third “Heroes”, and destroyed aliens in XCOM. Now there are fewer of these games, but fans will still find something that will bring as much joy as no deposit bonus casinos or old-fashioned classics. These are the best of titles in the genre.

Songs of Conquest

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is a timeless game. But if you’re tired of the classics, try Songs of Conquest. It’s a Heroes clone that stands out with its stylish visuals and elaborate factions. The roster includes not only traditional knights and dark mages but also mercenaries with fancy guns and even belligerent toadstools. While the game is in early access, and the story campaign isn’t finished – but multiplayer is ready. The rules are familiar: gather resources, pump up your base, raise armies, and fight turn-based battles. Cast devastating spells, use your units’ strengths, and lure the enemy into a trap to win!

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is a multiplayer tactical game. The developer of the project is a German studio, which has left a mark on the whole gameplay, it has turned out to be precise, verified and thought-out. Gameplay is tied to the construction of the city, its development and strengthening the borders.  From level to level, locations are changing. At the start you are in the primitive-communal system, gradually go to Antiquity, the Middle Ages and end our history in the distant future, where the colonization of Mars.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The perfect game for XCOM and superhero fans. In the twist, a mighty demoness trashes the Avengers and leisurely takes over the world. We, on the other hand, assemble a rescue team that includes Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and other legends of the Marvel universe. In combat, the heroes take turns attacking the villains with abilities. And in peacetime, we walk around the base and develop relationships with our partners: visit Blade’s book club, admire the starry sky with Wolverine, and watch movies with Ghost Rider. Romance! Except for the chance to have an affair with Deadpool.



The characters in Wartales are ordinary mercenaries who survive in a dystopian world. Counties are at war, plague is decimating the population, and bandits and hungry wolves roam the roads. Under these conditions, we earn money, search for food, toil in the mines, and forge equipment. There are many activities, and the morale of the player is not constrained. Be a noble hero or beat up poor peasants and eat their remains – it’s a matter of taste. When it comes to fighting, the game turns into XCOM. Act thoughtfully! Use your armored soldiers in close-quarters combat, drive your foes’ outlaws behind their backs, and scare the boars away with flaming arrows. There’s plenty of room for your tactical genius.

The Settlers: New Allies

Fans of The Settlers berate the new part for simplifying the mechanics. But if you want to relax your soul, the game is better not to find. The developers drew a pleasant world, wrote good music and invented a lot of activities. In New Allies you can’t build a barracks and quickly create an archer. First find a metal mine, attach it to your domain, build houses for new settlers, provide them with food, send them out for training – and only then will you get warriors. The game is full of these production puzzles. In fact, it’s loved because of them.

Total War: Warhammer 3

Warhammer 3 is a fantasy strategy game where choosing a faction dramatically changes the gameplay. Cathay sits behind a great wall, summons dragons, and attacks with balloons. The Kislevites ride polar bears and fight desperately for influence. And demons dedicate victories to the gods and assemble motley armies. On the battlefield, players become warlords. Send archers to the hill, hide cavalry in the woods, and smash elite enemies with faction leaders.

Perfect Tactical Games to Try This Evening
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