Bethesda confirmed that Starfield offers a'surprising' number of choices and sidequests

Starfield offers 3 religions and nine factions

Starfield offers 3 religions and nine factions

Starfield offers 3 religions and nine factions


The launch of Starfield is fast approaching. As the anticipation builds, more details about the sci-fi role-playing game are eagerly awaited.

The latest news from the galaxy of Starfield is related to Starfieldthe various religions and factions you can join. Bethesda’s fans are familiar with the concept of religions and groups, having seen it in Fallout or The Elder Scrolls.

S, fans may be expecting a little more depth and choice in how they choose to play the game and explore the galaxy. Let’s start with religions. There will be 3 religions total in Starfield.

  • Enlightened – Enlightened seems to be Starfield’sanswer for Scientology, and is a strong rival of Sanctum Universum.
  • Sanctum Universum – There is not much known about Sanctum Universum other than that they are a happy group and welcome traders. If they’re fierce competitors to Enlightened then perhaps the group isn’t as happy as it appears.
  • The Great Serpent At first, I thought that The Great Serpent was a bit evil, like Slytherin in Harry Potter. However, this is not the case. You will have to do a lot of jumping if you choose this religion. You will, somehow, lose health points if you do not jump regularly.


Starfield has nine confirmed factions, but it does not appear that all of them will be available to join. These factions are:

  • Constellation Located within the Alpha Centauri System, this is probably our most-played faction. It even has its own Collectible Edition. This will likely be the first faction you join, particularly if space exploration is your thing. Join Constellation.
  • Crimson Fleet Discovered in the Kryx System, the strangely named Crimson Feet, is considered one of the major factions. From the sound of it, they are a nasty group of bandits. Crimson Feet can be joined.
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries – Little is known about Ecliptic Mercenaries. However, it appears to be a bounty-hunting group. Ecliptic Mercenaries cannot be joined, sadly.
  • Freestar Collective Found in the Cheyenne System, the Freestar Collective is a loose confederation of settlers. Freestar Collective can be joined.
  • House Va’ruun – Found in the Sol System, House Va’ruun is described by some as “a fanatical group of religious zealots”. House Va’runn cannot be joined.
  • Ryujin Industries Discovered in the Volii System, Ryujin Industries, is a corporation. It’s not easy to get into, but it’s worth your time if you are selected. Ryujin Industries can be joined.
  • Spacers –This group is found in the Porrima System. All we know for now, however, is that they are a nasty bunch of adventurers. Spacers cannot be joined.
    United ColoniesLocated in the Alpha Centauri System, United Colonies also ranks as one of the largest factions within the game. United Colonies is a good choice if you like politics and the military. United Colonies allows you to join.
  • XenoFresh Corporation – Like Ryujin Industries you can find XenFresh Corporation in Volii. If you’re looking for quick money and dodgy deals, you may want to join the XenoFresh Corporation. Thankfully this faction does not feature Xenomorphs. XenoFresh Corporation can be joined.

S. If you have pre-ordered either the Premium Edition or Constellation Edition, then your release date is 1 September. Starfield will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

Starfield offers 3 religions and nine factions
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