Sifu: Permanently Unlock Skills

Sifu: Permanently Unlock Skills

Sifu: Permanently Unlock Skills

Sifu: Permanently Unlock Skills

Sifu’s roguelike in martial arts will give players plenty of fun as they attempt to travel through cities and eliminate five kung fu masters who are responsible for their master’s death. There’s no pressure, but you will learn many skills that will make your life easier. This is everything you need about Sifu skills.

What are Skills?

Skill is a set of learnable moves that gives the protagonist an advantage in battle. It offers many options and attack strategies to take down clever opponents.

How can you unlock your skills?

You will need XP to unlock your skills. This can be earned by beating goons and other activities. After you have either died or found your way to a shrine to unlock skills, you will be able to use the XP you earn to open the skill tree to purchase them. Once you have purchased a skill, you can use it until the end. These moves are lost if you reset your run or restart the level.

Also, skills are age-gated. This means that specific skills can only be accessed by people at least 20 years old. You will lose access to the Tier you have been upgrading after ten years, starting at 20. These lower age tiers often contain valuable but costly skills. It’s essential to run through the earlier levels to gain enough XP to upgrade to higher skills.


Are there ways to unlock skills permanently?

You will need to pay a lot of XP, however. You can buy the skill five more times after you have purchased it for that run. After spending five times more, the craft will be yours forever. Although it is a costly process, your progress through permanent upgrades will be preserved. You can purchase a skill and then buy three permanent upgrades for it. Then you will only have to rebuy the skill and then the two permanent upgrades. You should make sure that you use all of your XP as soon as possible to avoid losing it.

You note that specific skills are restricted by your age during your current run. However, if you have purchased a skill and you reach that age threshold, you can still buy permanent upgrades to that skill. While you won’t upgrade something that you have purchased during your current run, the rest of the Tier will not be accessible.

What Skills Should I Concentrate on?

Focus attacks skills are always good since they are great for dealing damage and opening up bosses or enemies for follow-up damage. While some of these involve weapons, the leg sweep or vertical strikes focus attacks skills are versatile and can be used in any situation.

The slide kick is another skill that we recommend. This is a great way to engage enemies from a distance and potentially knock them down for some additional damage. The slide kick can catch enemies unaware depending on their encounter type. This allows you to take them down and remove them from the fight quickly.

You’ll also want to buy the environment interactions skill. This allows you to use the R1 button and kick interactives around as if it were a Jackie Chan movie. It’s an excellent way to catch enemies off guard. You can use a stool to lift an enemy’s legs and perform ground attacks.


Sifu: Permanently Unlock Skills
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