Bandai Namco addresses Eldenring performance issues

Bandai Namco addresses Eldenring performance issues

Bandai Namco addresses Eldenring performance issues

Bandai Namco addresses Eldenring performance issues.

Elden Ring is not the best-seller on Metacritic, but it has had its problems. Bandai Namco doesn’t play around. The publisher issued a statement just hours after the initial release of the game, addressing Elden Ring’s performance issues.

Performance issues with Elden Ring

A statement published on Bandai Namco’s website addresses the fact that Elden Ring fans have been complaining already about a variety of issues that are preventing the game from running smoothly. Bandai Namco offers some immediate solutions to address some of these issues. Other topics will be addressed in a patch “in a near future”.

Elden Ring FPS issues

Many players report a drop in FPS after Elden Ring’s first day in the wild. Bandai Namco recommends updating your Graphics Drivers if you experience low FPS in Elden Ring. Keeping your Graphics Drivers up-to-date can “significantly improve performance”.

Continue reading How to Update Graphics Drivers.


Elden Ring is not available for saving on PS5.

Bandai Namco also addressed the issue of saving data problems for PlayStation 5 gamers. Some players have reported that Elden Ring does not save properly on PS5 when turned off unexpectedly while playing or in rest mode. Bandai Namco said they would fix this issue in a future update. However, in the meantime, it is recommended that you manually quit Elden Ring via the Main Menu and do so regularly before turning off your console.

How to manually save Elden Ring

  • By pressing the “Options” button, you can access the Main Menu.
  • Select Quit Game.
  • Wait for the game’s save to complete before you turn off your PS5.

Upcoming Elden Ring update

The statement also addresses two additional PC issues. Bandai Namco stated that they are being investigated and managed in a future patch. These issues include Easy Anti-Cheat not launching for some Steam users and a problem with mouse sensitivity that is too high.

When will the next Elden Ring Patch be available?

Bandai Namco has not yet announced a date or whether all upcoming fixes will be implemented in one patch. However, we’ll keep you posted when the next Elden Ring patch becomes available. We do have Elden Ring’s patch notes.

Another issue with the Elden Ring was discovered during the launch frenzy: a network status checks Failed error message. This is primarily due to overloaded servers.

Bandai Namco addresses Eldenring performance issues
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