As March arrives, spring has arrived in the north, while fall has begun in the south. Whether you live, celebrate Shamrock Day with the Irish or enjoy a special pie on Pi Day. There are also other events and monthly creatures that you can catch.

March is an important month. It marks the start of spring in the north. It’s the beginning of the fall in the south. This month is quieter for Animal Crossing, but there are still things to do, new animals to catch, and seasonal products. This guide will give an overview of March’s events.

It is important to note that some events have different dates depending on the year. Bunny Day, for example, can be held in March or April. Nook Shopping also offers seasonal products that can be purchased until the following month or available after the previous month.


The north has seen the beginning of spring, while the south sees the dawning of autumn. Although March is generally quieter in New Horizons, there are still many things to do and see. Let’s look at the events this month and any seasonal Nook Shopping items.


Hinamatsuri Festival was covered in the February Guide, but it’s worth mentioning again since the actual festival is on March 3rd. February 25th is the best day to prepare for the event, as that’s when items will be available in Nook Shopping. There are no actual celebrations for this day. However, two things will allow you to participate in the festivities: the Blossom lantern (2,400 Bells) and Hinaningyo (2.560 Bells).

Hinamatsuri, also known as Girl’s Day in Japan, is a Japanese festival. This day is when families want their daughters to be happy and healthy. An annual tradition is to display a unique display at the house, called a Hinaningyo. These displays feature dolls that represent the wedding of an Emperor and Empress. These can be found between bonbori lanterns. Thanks to Nook Shopping, if your goal is to celebrate the festival, these are the exclusive items that you can find in New Horizons.

Hinamatsuri (Girl’s Day) is carried over from February to March.


What’s a day for pie? It’s kind of. This day refers to pi, which is the Greek letter P. You can buy a pie, but it has the p symbol. It can be purchased at Nook Shopping between March 1st and the 14th, when Pi Day occurs.

Why is Pi Day observed on this day? Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because the first numbers of Pip are 3.14. The p pie costs 314 bells.

Does anyone fancy some Pi?


This day is dedicated to the Irish. Unfortunately, this day doesn’t have many activities, but there are still ways to celebrate. There are three ways to celebrate Irish Shamrock between the 10th and 17th March, when the actual day happens. Nook Shopping has three options for you to purchase. The Shamrock Doorplate (1200 Bells), Shamrock Rug (1500 Bells), Shamrock Soda (11,000 Bells) are three of the items available from Nook Shopping. Notable items from the Able Sisters allow you to dress up in traditional Irish clothing. The Shamrock Hat (1.320 Bells), Shamrock Shoes (1.560 Bells), Shamrock Suit (3,300 Bells), and Shamrock Sunglasses (1.100 Bells) are all available at the Able Sisters. If you don’t like Shamrock, you can make your recipe by popping a balloon to make a Shamrock Wand.

What is Shamrock Day? This day is also known as St. In Ireland; this day is known as St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland was responsible for helping the Irish convert to Christianity. His birthday is celebrated on March 17th, the date he died. Because of Irish immigrants living in America, the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in 1737. The celebrations have grown to be even more popular.

Celebrate Shamrock Day, an Irish holiday.

Even though St. Patrick was known for his love of blue, the primary color associated with this occasion is green, as shown in New Horizons. This is due to the symbol of the Shamrock. In this plant, the green leaves are divided into threes like a clover. St. Patrick used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity of the Holy Trinity to the Irish. This is why the holiday is associated so well with the color green. Chicago even dyed the river green for the occasion.


Is April Fool’s Day not in April? It is. However, you can prepare for it as soon as March 26th. You can prank visitors and fellow villagers by buying a Whoopee Cushion (499 Bells) at Nook Shopping. New Leaf does not cover this day.

Although it is unknown how or where this day was created, everyone knows that you need to be vigilant when people make jokes about others. You don’t want to be the next victim.


You can be April Fool’s Day victim or prankster.


Bunny Day is Easter’s equivalent in Animal Crossing. The year determines the day on which this event takes place. Bunny Day may be observed in March or April. Bunny Day in 2022 and 2023 will be in April. It won’t occur in March 2024. We’ll be exploring what to expect on Bunny Day for this guide.

The event lasts for a week or 8 days. The big day, the eighth and final day, is itself. You have seven days to prepare for this day.

You’ll be able to find eggs on the island before Bunny Day. There are six types of eggs. There are Earth Eggs buried in-ground, Leaf Eggs found in leaves, and Sky Eggs, which can be found by shaking trees. Stone Eggs can also be found by smashing rocks with axes or shovels. Water Eggs can be found by fishing in any body of water, while Wood Eggs can only be seen by cutting down trees with an ax.

Bunny Day is a great day to go crazy for eggs.

These eggs are worth collecting. These eggs can be used for DIY recipes’ seasonal Bunny Day Series. This includes furniture and clothing that you can make. Find more recipes by searching for special messages-in-a bottles on beaches or popping balloons into the sky.

Zipper T. Bunny, the resident services mascot, will visit your island on Bunny Day. Villagers will dress up as well for the occasion. The zipper will request that you bring one of each kind of egg. The zipper will ask you to bring him one of each type of egg. If you do, he will give you a Bunny Day Basket. The zipper will also gift you two items if you have learned the 18 DIY Bunny Day furniture recipes: a Wobbling Zipper Toy and a Bunny Day Wand.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Event – Nintendo Switch


The month goes by quickly, as do the fish, bugs, and other sea creatures. It’s March, and February is over. This means new animals are available to catch and find, while others may be lost for a while. You’re in the right place if you are a creature collector looking to stock up on Critterpedia or the museum’s collection or want to find out what’s happening this month. You can find a more comprehensive guide to insects, fish, and sea creatures for March. Here’s a quick overview of the month in both hemispheres.

Let’s begin by looking at the types of bugs that you can find in the northern hemisphere. The first signs of spring start to emerge as March dawns. This includes butterflies, bugs, and mantis. The Emperor Butterfly is the only north bug leaving at the end of this month.

South also has new butterflies and crickets. However, the south is seeing many insects leave the region at the end of March. This includes certain beetles and butterflies, as well as other bugs.

The typical butterfly will be a common sight throughout the south.

How about fish? There are some new fish in the north. These include tadpoles and loaches. Some fish, such as the muscular fish, sea butterfly, and sturgeon, are also on the verge of disappearing after March.

Similar numbers of fish are arriving in the south, including pike and salmon. However, as summer ends, many fish are leaving the region, including sharks, just like in the south.

We’ll see you again, yellow fellow.

Let’s finally check out the sea creatures available starting in the north. You can catch new sea creatures like the chambered nucellus and firefly snails. The red king crab will be the only sea creature to disappear by March 31st.

What about the south? New sea creatures are arriving, such as the umbrella octopus and oyster. Some sea creatures are leaving the oceans, however. These include giant clams, sea urchins, and horseshoe crabs.

The red king crab, which is only found in the north, is the only one that leaves the oceans.


March is a significant month for both the north and south. Each has its reasons.

Winter is over in the north. Now the snow has melted and is gone. The grass and trees may appear a little duller and less vibrant than you expected. You don’t have to worry about it, the grass will grow back, and your island will be a deep green again. You may notice subtle changes in the grass and trees as March progresses. This is especially true for the second half.

The south is a different story. It’s the end of summer, and it’s time for fall. The lush greens you have grown accustomed to in spring and summer are ending. These colors will be replaced by warm fall colors, including yellows, oranges, and reds, as well as browns. However, this will not happen immediately. It will remain green for a while before turning yellow.

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